Having style has nothing to do with size or age. - And it can't be bought with expensive clothes, or acquired by following fashion trends down to a tee. Style is an attitude.

For most of my life I allowed my weight to define my fashion choices. I used to hide behind dark colours and mostly loose fitting clothes which did nothing to flatter my silhouette. I looked frumpy. And I hated myself for it. My dissatisfaction with my looks was traumatising. And everything, and everyone around me, only confirmed that my feelings were appropriate, when they were not. Nobody should ever feel that miserable because they don't fit into some superficial canon of beauty, which is forever changing anyway. I got severely teased and bullied for my apparent 'lack of style' during my school life. The bullying only served to traumatise me further - which is another story for another day.

More recently, I used to wonder if getting older would be the new so-called 'obstacle' that would condition my style. However, as I have delved deeper into my thirties, it is quite obvious that I will continue to dress as my heart desires, and not conform to what society dictates to us about how we should dress, for whatever reason. I feel blessed and grateful to be a year older. I have been joyfully shouting my age from the rooftops, non-stop. I am alive. I am happy. I am healthy. I am loved. What is there to not be pleased about?

As I grow older, I realize more than ever, that age is nothing but a number. Each year feels like a milestone, and society sets these strange rules about how we should or shouldn't behave once we reach certain ages. I know I look and feel younger than thirty-five, but even if I didn't, nothing will ever stop me from wearing whatever I want, and expressing myself through my personal style. Whether it be wearing something casual and simple like ripped jeans and a backpack with trainers, or something dressy and polished like the body-con dress I wore the night of my birthday.

I am constantly getting inspiration from my surroundings and social media. For example, I feel so inspired to wear whatever I want by the beautiful, fantastic, glamorous elderly ladies I've found via social media, who have amazing style and fun with their clothes. Think of women such as the ladies from ADVANCED STYLE, by Ari Seth Cohen. One of my favourites, is Iris Apfel. If you've never heard of that movement, it's totally worth checking out! (Click on the words in bold italics to go straight to links with further info). Age, size, finances... None of that is a deal breaker when it comes to having style. I promise you!

So as I rapidly accumulate years, I will happily and boldly wear what I like, even if there are people out there who might deem my fashion choices inappropriate for some reason. Remember, you can never keep everybody happy, so what's the point in trying to please everybody? Love yourself for who you are and what you can do, and literally, just be yourself. When you become the most authentic version of yourself, nobody can knock you. It is honestly the most powerful armour you can possess, besides honesty (isn't being our genuine selves at all times a form of honesty?), and unconditional love all round.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Off the shoulder striped top - H&M / Ripped boot cut jeans - Dorothy Perkins (old) / Leather back pack - C. Valentino / White trainers - Adidas

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