A few days ago, a good friend of mine celebrated her birthday by organising a dinner at Fellina Restaurant. It was a real gem to discover this beautiful Italian restaurant which makes delicious food at very reasonable prices, served by lovely staff who are friendly, warm, and welcoming. It's definitely a place I would highly recommend. I ate the mushroom based meal, and although it was a starter, it was really filling. - And the wine they served it with, really made the flavour pop. It was most certainly a very pleasurable experience.

I wore this really pretty green and gold dress which I've had for years. It was originally a straight cut, but I recently took it to one of my local tailor shops and had the waist taken in slightly. It looks and feels much better this way. As always, I kept my foot wear simple and comfortable. These black heels by Wonders Shoes cost me fifty euros on sale, and I promise you, that's the best fifty euros I have ever spent on a pair of heels in my life! Normally I cannot wear heels for too long, but these heels I can literally dance in all night, non stop, and not feel any discomfort. Honestly, what more could one want from her heels?

I didn't spend much time on my makeup at all. Probably ten minutes, tops! I have pretty well-behaved skin, so a bit of CC Cream is enough. To make the overall makeup look a bit more elaborate, I added false lashes. Seriously, false lashes and bright red lipstick, (the latter was lacking here), is the quickest and easiest way to make yourself look glamorous. It will look like you spent hours making yourself look extra beautiful and glamorous. Trust me, it never fails! And I literally felt like a Disney Princess... 

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