Plus Size Fashion Blog: Body-con Dress for my birthday

Hi Beauties!!! I'm back!!! 

I turned 35 a few days ago, and I wore this plus size body-con dress to a party the day before. I literally turned 35 in this dress, and I felt amazing. I like to think it's a good omen for what is to come for me in my 35th year of life. 

I bought this dress a while back, and it had been hiding in my closet ever since. I was afraid to wear it. Yes, I had come a long way in my body confidence journey, but not quite far enough it seems. When I took it out about a month ago, and I tried it on, I liked how it looked on me, and I've never looked back.

Wearing a body-con dress with confidence as a plus-size woman who has had to learn to love her body over the years, and undo all the negative body image messages so in grained into her head, is no small feat. But I did it. And I loved it. I felt beautiful. I felt sexy. I felt confident. I felt happy. I never thought I could feel this way in a body-con dress, without having to first shrink down to a size zero. If could go back in time and tell the younger me that one day I would wear a body-con dress, at a size 20, and feel good about it, I wouldn't have believed myself. I can't believe I wasted my teenager years and twenties shying away from these sorts of clothes. I wish I had felt this confident sooner. But you know what? It makes me appreciate the confidence I feel today

This body-con dress is flattering on curves, and it is also amazing quality. It doesn't require ironing. It looks cute with a smart jacket or blazer over it. Being a solid black colour makes it easy to style, because you can match it with accessories, shoes, and other items, of almost any colour and/or print. It's a dress that can be worn for evening events, or fancy day-time events alike. It's one of those easy to go to dresses when you have nothing to wear, and you are sure it'll be perfectly appropriate. 

This dress is certainly one which I have absolutely no regrets about having bought. And I shall continue to wear it often, despite the fact that I am not one to repeat the same looks over and over on a regular basis. That's how you know I love this dress to death! 

Do you ever wear body-con? I'd love to hear your stories too! 

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