Cape dresses stole my heart from the moment I first laid eyes on them. I saw the Nordstrom cape dress Chastity wore over at GarnerStyle, and the Ralph Lauren cape dress Lupita Nyongo wore to the Golden Globes. They wore those dresses back in 2014, and I'm pretty sure I bought this dress at least two years ago. Or was it three? It was certainly a very long time ago. At first I didn't like how it looked on me. I remember feeling deeply disappointed when it arrived in the mail and I tried it on. All I saw was a potential Little Red Riding Hood costume for Halloween. Add a hood and throw on some white stockings, and then carry a basket full of apples and cakes, and you're good to go. Having a baby face doesn't help. (Did I ever tell you guys I'm thirty-four years old?)

Then I decided to drag it out of the depths of my closet and have another look at it. I'm not sure what has happened over the last two years, but I absolutely loved it this time around, so I decided it was time to blog about it. And as the saying goes, better late than never. I must confess that this is one of those rare occasions when I have worn something just to photograph it for the blog. I literally changed in a restaurant toilet, (I photographed this look during my lunch break, so I had to get changed somewhere since this is not exactly a work look). It was a rather swell restaurant BTW. I must go back there and actually eat their food one day. Anyway, judging by the looks I got, I think it's fair to say that this dress is a winner. I walked out of the toilet, and literally, heads turned from all around. Don't you love it when that happens? I do.

I'm not wearing much makeup these days. It's just too darn hot for that. The downside is that the less makeup I wear, the more my baby face status is enhanced, and I don't particularly like being mistaken for a student. I know that when I start to age (which I should have done already), I'll miss these days. Let's just say I'm definitely a full grown adult, and it would be nice if my outer image reflected that as well. My tip to looking older? Wearing bright red or dark lipstick.  


Red Cape Dress - MissGuided via Asos Curve | Clutch - Primark
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