My hair care routine has been altered since I started the transition to going blond, so I thought I'd share that with you. My hair is still not as blond or as light as I want it to be, but it's a lot lighter than it was before I embarked on this journey. - And you know that saying, about how blonds have more fun? Well, it's true!

I've only had it bleached once so far, and I don't plan to get it bleached again until March. I don't want to overdo anything or risk damaging my hair because I'm too impatient. In the mean time, I'm doing my best to keep the colour as light as I possibly can, and the condition of my hair as healthy as possible. I used to wash and blow dry my hair every morning. I now wash and blow dry every third day - unless I feel it really needs a wash, or I have a special event coming up where I want to look (and feel), extra done up. It's weird, but my hair takes longer to get dirty now.

Before going anywhere near a salon to get this done, I did heaps of homework! I didn't know that after a while your hair would seem to be trying to go back to it's original colour if you use natural oils and a normal shampoo. The oils part worried me because I knew my hair would need heaps of moisture, and I use a lot of natural oils in my hair anyway - especially castor oil and almond oil. I have since tried and tested the hair oil theory, and I dare say there is some truth to it. After the first time I put castor oil in my hair since getting it bleached, I thought I noticed my hair looking darker immediately after I rinsed it out. Now I just add Argan Oil to the ends of my hair after I wash, blow dry, and style it. The other tip that kept coming up, was the importance of using a purple shampoo. I don't know the science behind it, but the purple and/or blue shampoo, helps to avoid the reddish brassy tones that natural brunettes tend to get a while after bleaching their hair.

I started out using the L'Oreal Silver Gloss Protect System shampoo. I loved how soft it made my hair, and how clean it felt after washing. The only thing I didn't like, was that it wasn't keeping my hair colour very light. Luckily I bought a Franck Provost blue shampoo at the same time, so I recently switched to that one, to compare. My hair always looks lighter when I use the Franck Provost blue shampoo, and people have started asking me if I have had my hair bleached for a second time. The downside? I don't get that super clean feeling, or the softeness, afterwards that I got from the L'Oreal shampoo.

For conditioner, my favourite is Moroccan Oil. It's what the hairdresser used straight after she bleached, toned, and then washed my hair. My hair was super shiny even after a few washes and not using it again. I haven't got round to buying any for myself to use at home yet, but I'm using the Garnier Original Remedies Reconstructive Hair Mask for now. It smells really good, and it leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny without weighing it down at all. I then use a Garnire leave-in cream conditioner, and I also spray a Frank Provost leave-in conditioner for fine, thinning, and flat hair. It helps add softness and shine, without making the hair heavy or flat - as the bottle would imply! 

Other than that, the rest of my hair routine is pretty much the same. I blow dry to straighten my hair in such a way that it will retain volume and bounce. I flat iron to straighten out any wavy edges. When I feel like wearing my hair curly, I either go through it with my Babyliss Curl Secret, or I will simply wash and go, since I have naturally curly hair.

I thought that bleaching my hair would mean damaging my curls, but my curls are fine. You can see my wash and go hair in the picture below. Sometimes I wonder if I have super hair. I put my hair through so much sometimes - over washing, over doing it with the heat, and now bleaching. But it always bounces back just fine! x

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