So much has happened since my last post. My mum had her operation. It was a long day, which did not go smoothly. First, the ambulance that was meant to pick her up from home, didn't come. My mum went into panic mode and her sugar levels dropped a lot. I must have made a million calls to London, which she was very thankful for. Then a team of paramedics came to see her about her sugars after a family friend heard about what was going on, and called an ambulance for her. They tried to raise her sugar levels, but couldn't take her to the hospital for her surgery. They told my mum an ambulance would come in ten minutes. After two hours, still, nobody had come or at least called her to let her know what was going on. Everyone was furious at the ambulance service and made a huge fuss, and then eventually one showed up to take her to the hospital. I was scared for her to have the surgery that day, because she was in such a state, but the Doctors decided to operate anyway. I spoke to the Doctor who was going to operate her, just before her surgery, which was very reassuring. She needed a general anesthetic, even though the surgery she was going to have done is normally done with local anesthetic. That's how anxious she is! I later spoke to the nurses during and after her surgery to check that everything was OK, which it was. Despite the whole ambulance not showing up drama, it was so wonderful to see that the medical team at the hospital were so lovely and patient with her. - As well as reassuring to me over the phone. Every time I called the hospital, my heart sank. My mum's friends were there to visit pretty much as soon as she came out of surgery, and I got a few photos via whatsapp from her friends, of her and her friends in the hospital together, looking very well, considering everything. They brought her food (because let's be honest, who likes hospital food?), and flowers - but for some reason flowers aren't allowed at the hospital, so she couldn't keep them at the hospital. Family from abroad were calling her, to cheer her up and make sure she was OK as well. She is now home, doing well and surrounded by lots of good, loving people, and I could not be any more grateful. She went to her GP this morning to have her bandages changed, and she'll have her stitches removed in a few weeks. I'm still not completely calm, since we have to give her time to recover fully so we know if the surgery worked or not, but just knowing that she is happy and not alone, is enough to make me happier than I was before. I'm still not sleeping, my vertigo is still coming and going, and my appetite is on and off, but once she is completely in the clear, I think I should be fine. My friends in Madrid have been extremely supportive as well. Constant calls, constant visits and lots of positive energy. Honestly, I don't know what I would without all these people in our lives. As for the outfit I'm sharing, this is what I wore to work today - except for the shoes. I wear flats to work, and then change into heels for outside work. The tie-up detail on this dress is meant to be worn to the front, but I like it better tied back. I'm one of those people who will buy something in various colours if I really like it, so I have this dress in grey as well. This red one is more dressy and sexy, while in grey it looks far more casual and edgy. I guess the grey one is a bit more versatile in my eyes, since I feel like it can be dressed up, or dressed down, but I love them both. I'll be doing a post with the grey dress pretty soon, so maybe you'll notice what a drastic difference the colour makes too?

OUTFIT DETAILS: Dress from Primark, Genuine Leather Jacket from Violeta by Mango, Shoes by Wonders, Clutch from Primark.

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