Every human being should know the magical feeling of owning a beautiful, high quality, well made pair of shoes, at least once in their lives. This pair is by far the best pair of shoes I have ever owned - and I used to wear some fabulous shoes from French children's boutiques as a child! Then I grew, and grew, and grew, and well, beautiful sexy shoes were something that was made for other people with smaller, narrower, feet.

For years, I used to dream about owning a pair of Chie Mihara shoes. Her shoes are so girly, so pretty, so querky, so different, so funky. So me. But also, oh so very expensive... *sigh* So I stuck to completely boring, comfortable flats. Sometimes they were cute, but they were never amazing or sexy. These shoes, to me, are all of that and some more! And I got lucky with the price because I bought them dirty cheap from a shop that sells them at a really good price for what they are. Chie Mihara's shoes are handmade using only the best materials!

I wanted to post about them on a day that I was wearing them with a really plain, boring, all black outfit, because I wanted these shoes to be the star of the post. Yes, I know these photos aren't great and my posing is awkward, but who cares when you're wearing fabulously cute shoes!?!?!?!?! *chuckle*

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