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TBH, I have a huge backlog of clothes I have wanted to feature on my blog, and never got round to it. This mini dress is one of them. - Until this weekend. 

I remember buying this low-high mini dress (or is it a tunic?), on sale for super cheap, ages ago, and completely falling in love with it as soon as it arrived. It was a very cold and windy day the day I wore this outfit, so I threw this very simple long grey cardigan over the dress. This outfit got me through the day and the night perfectly - what more can you ask from an outfit? 

It was a pretty chilled day, so I kept it all quite low-key and comfy. Very little makeup, messy half updo, and all black and grey - except for the dark green Hakei bag (which I love so very, very much!

If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you'll know that I mostly wear flat shoes, but I'm slowly transitioning to heels on a more regular basis. These ones are new and are pretty comfortable (which is rare for me). It just goes to show how a good, well made shoe, is worth every penny!  


Mini Dress - Asos Curve (old)
Long Grey Cardigan - Primark (new)
Leather-Suede bag - Hakei (new)
Tights - H&M (old)
Shoes - Wonders (new) 
'Love' choker - Lefties (new)

I'm still loving being 'blond' and I can't wait to transition to even lighter over time. My hair grows really quickly, so it already looks very different, but I'll be back at the salon ASAP getting it refreshed and lightened some more. I want the colour to start from higher up, and I also want to add more highlights to the front part. I know this is probably going to sound a bit odd, but the blond makes me happy. Seeing the brown at the front saddens me a little. I guess I'm just really eager to see and make changes in my life, and changing my hair is very symbolic of that. And being the sort of person who cares about their appearance (most of the time, anyway), a change in look is an extremely powerful thing. 


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