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I know. I've been a bit MIA (Missing In Action) over here of late, but I have been very consumed with life offline. - Mostly becoming a year older and job hunting, and the latter left little to no time for fashion blogging. 

People often don't realise how much time blogging can take up, and although I absolutely love blogging, it's not what pays my bills, so I have had to prioritise spending time (and money) on other things these last few weeks months. This blog post has been in my drafts since early October, and it's now mid December. Can you believe that? On the one hand, I am sorry I've been MIA because I've missed blogging very much. On the other hand, focusing on other things has paid off, since I've been able to make a career change with almost the exact work conditions I was looking for.

At the time that I made this career switch, I was working at a couple of academies teaching english. I hadn't been able to find a regular school looking for freelance language assistants, so I ended up taking what I could just to have some sort of income. I've almost always worked at regular schools teaching children. It was the age group I loved teaching the most, and the work conditions at regular schools were always better than anything any academy had to offer. It was a win-win situation for me. I've always been funny about working at academies because they can be quite fickle and very unstable. I know this for a fact through both personal experiences in the past, and also through friends of mine who work teaching business english through academies. So it came as no surprise to me, that what I had been offered in terms of pay and hours, wasn't being given to me by one of the two academies.  Not to mention all the unpaid cancellations that were happening!

I was with these academies for less than a month, when a really good friend of mine called me to offer me a job working with him, in a completely different sector. He was offering me a fixed monthly wage and an indefinite contract, so of course I accepted straight away. And guess what the academies did? They didn't pay me my wages at all, because there was some loophole in the law allowing them to do this if I didn't stay until the end of the academic year. I basically worked for them for free, and no, I didn't quit from one day to the next.

I have beautiful memories from my days of being a teacher, and I loved every second of it, but I got very tired of all the instability that came with it. It's nice to try something new which will make for a lot of beautiful memories in the future as well. I am grateful to finally have some stability in my life. I really love the work I am doing at the moment, and at least I know what my monthly budget is now. I had decided at some point over summer that if nothing in my life changed by Christmas, I'd move back to London in the new year. I would try my luck there, and see what career changes I could make. In the end, the type of career change I wanted unexpectedly came to me out of the blue in Madrid, so here I am. I love that I'm learning so many new things, that I get to deal with some really lovely and interesting people, and my job also involves doing a lot of the things I love to do already!

I want to dedicate more time to my blog in the new year, when the holidays are over and everything calms down a bit more. I'm actually thinking about focusing more on making makeup videos (something else I have had to take a break from), instead of fashion blogging - but not quitting fashion blogging completely. Like I said before, blogging doesn't pay my bills, and after having been on and off unemployed for almost two years, and knowing what it is like to be completely broke, I feel like I have to be extra careful with my money now, so spending as much money as I used to on clothes, isn't something I want to continue doing. I'm not saying you have to buy lots of new clothes all the time to be a blogger, but at the same time, who wants to see the same dress, over and over again? That said, there is no harm in remixing your clothes, which is what I did with the playsuit you just saw photographed (above). 

I wore this summer friendly playsuit in autumn, (which I know you've seen it HERE before), but I styled it in such a way, that it is perfectly wearable in this much cooler season. I always feel super cute in this little playsuit! However, since I'm remixing, I don't have much to say about this outfit that I haven't already said before in a previous post, - other than I added more layers. So, I'm going to tell you about my birthday.

I just turned 34 a few weeks ago, and a few of my friends put together a last minute semi-surprise birthday party for me, and I was extremely touched. They got me a big  chocolate cake, with a big 'fireworks candle' (as I call it), a couple of gifts, and a beautiful message in the card.

I was picked up from work at 10pm, (yes, my lessons at one of the academies ended that late), and I was taken straight to the party by car. Once there, I had a sash put over me, was handed a big bunch of balloons, (which sadly got stuck in a tree), and then we let the celebrations begin. We started the night quite quietly, and then moved on to another place to dance until the sun came up. It would have been nice to wear something a bit fancier, but as I said, I finished work super late, so work-clothes and super-flat-end-of-the-day-hair it had to be. Honestly though, it's not about what I wore. It's about who I was with and the fact that people care enough about me to have such a big, beautiful, loving gesture.

I have to make a confession though. Every year I get really weird on my birthday, and I avoid my phone like the plague. I always expect people to forget it's my birthday. I always think that if I plan something, nobody will come. Instead, my phone always ends up jam packed with messages and missed calls from a lot of people. This year was no different, and all I did was cringe and let the messages and missed calls pile up. I'm really weird, right? I was surprised when a lot of those people then showed up for my birthday party that night. I didn't invite any of the people who came. Not even one. So I was extra touched when people bothered to show up despite having been ignored by me all day.

I always say that my friends in Madrid are like my family, and I don't mean it lightly at all. I am truly blessed to have so many amazing and inspirational people in my life out here, who constantly show me love. My birthday night was extremely special to me. And then when I got home from the celebrations, I literally cried tears of joy as I sat on my bed and reflected on all the lovely things people said to me and did for me.

You probably all think I am sort of wierdo now. Maybe I am. What most of you probably don't know, is that I experienced extremely bad bullying growing up. I could write a book about all the cruel things I had done to me. And no, I don't mean childish name calling in the playground. I mean very cruel and premeditated acts of uncalled for malice. I guess it left it's mark on me, so now I expect the worst from people when it comes to personal situations. It also means that when people are nice to me, it means more to me than it probably does to someone who has never been bullied. Maybe one day I will dedicate a post to talking about that. Maybe. Just maybe.

I have a few transitional outfit posts coming which I hope you will like! For now I will have to love you and leave you. Remember to stay blessed and true to yourself! xox

JACKET/SHRUG - Random small clothes shop (chinos)
Gold 'Made you look' clutch - Primark
SHOES - Clarks

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