Hello Beauties,

I had been itching to share this one piece with you. To me it has a marine feel, and reminded me of pin-up. As I have been saying in all my previous swimwear posts, (Click here: Post 1, Post 2, and Post 3), being brave and looking cute at the pool has nothing to do with being revealing. You can be modest and still look cute.

I stumbled across this swimsuit completely by chance at one of my local 'chinos' - as they call the Chinese run/owned businesses in Spain. It only cost 10 euros and I had to have it. I was still going through my phase of not feeling completely sure about wearing a two-piece, but I still wanted something a bit different and cute, just in case.

The navy and white colours with a striped top half, gives it a bit of a marine feel, I think, and the pink details add a seriously cute touch to this swimsuit. I went with all pink accessories, although I did think of matching it with the sand coloured straw hat instead.

I must say, I felt very cute in this, and not at all exposed. Some people might argue that a one piece is more flattering on a plus size body like mine, and I might be able to reluctantly agree with that. There are swimming costumes out there that are much more modern, but at the same time, this is an example of how you can wear something not particularly modern or revealing, but not be overly boring, plain, or frumpy.

These heels were a gift from a really good friend, a couple of years back. (Yes, I am a fashion hoarder). Despite the fact that I've had them for years, and I keep thinking up cute outfits to match these shoes, I have never worn them out. How terrible is that? So when I organising these Swimwear shoots, I thought they were the perfect style and colour for this swimming costume, and I also realized I should start wearing these shoes out one of these days. They are so cute!

I have at least one more swimwear post coming soon, so if you are interested in seeing that, please stay tuned!

Until next time, Stay blessed and true to yourself!

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