CUTE SUMMER OUTFIT ON A BUDGET | + Dealing with Sunburn

If there is anything I love doing in Madrid, it's sale shopping. 

Sales in Madrid seem to never end, and you can find the cutest stuff, super, super cheap. This summer I have been really lucky, and I have been able to buy things I spotted before the sales, in the sales, for a much cheaper price! 

I'd been wanting a top with bare shoulders since forever, so when this one went down to 9.99€ at Violeta by Mango, I snapped it up! The skirt was only 12.99€ from Zara, and although it is not a plus size, the waist is so elasticated it fits perfectly. The sandals I bought at a local shoe shop for just 12€, and the hat was on sale for 7€. 

If my calculator is right, 
this entire outfit came to just under 42.00€. 

I'll be sharing more sale purchases in future blogs posts, including more fatkini posts. Sadly my back got sun burnt at the pool on Saturday, (see photo below), so I won't rush into future fatkini posts, but they are coming! 

It's been four days so far, and although my back isn't back to normal yet, it's getting a lot better. I could barely move on sunday and monday, and it felt super sore. Movement made it sting at times, and lying on my back was a no-no. Moving in my sleep was very painful. I took a billion cold showers, and literally slept all night with my back to a fan to help cool things down. I've also been OD-ing on an AfterSun Spray for burns, and I think it's doing a pretty good job! 

 It's really, really hot out here in Madrid right now, so I have to be extra careful to really cover my back every time I leave the house. Even just a bit of heat can make it super sore again which is not nice. Seriously, I can't wait for my back to go back to normal. 

I really wanted to tan this summer, (which I never want to do), and it seems to have backfired a bit. I am ghost white where the sun never hits my skin, and I just wanted a bit of colour in as many areas as possible for once. The good news is, my legs never ever tan, and this year they have a really nice sun kissed colour to them. They are not as dark as I wanted them to be, but they are not milky white anymore either. 

You have count the silver linings, LOL!

The day I was burned I used a Nivea 30 SPF cream, (that wasn't mine), but it doesn't seem to have been potent enough to protect my super pale skin which isn't used to being exposed to the sun. So I have invested in an Avene SPF 50 sunblock, which I wear even if I am just throwing out the trash. Like, seriously, I have become so paranoid about being in the sun now! It's made think about fake tanning, but first I need to get my back back to normal.

I am also taking care to protect my hair from the heat of the sun. I am not using any heated appliances on my hair at the moment. I am literally washing and going, and spraying my hair in heat protector after washing and conditioning. The other thing I'm doing, is applying castor oil to my hair when I am indoors. I have noticed my hair is in much better condition in general, and my curl pattern seems to be coming back, (is that even possible?). I'm putting off getting my hair cut for various reasons, but I will inevitably need to get a trim at some point over this summer.

Until next time beautiful people!

Stay blessed and true to you! 


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