There is something about white clothes (and white footwear)  that I have always loved. I remember really wanting a pair of white shoes as a little girl, but not being allowed to have any. Then one day, when we were on holiday in Mexico, my mum found a pair of white shoes that she approved of, and I literally felt like I was touching the sky when she bought them for me. I couldn't wear them often enough, or long enough, even if I wore them everyday, all day. Then as an adult I decided I wanted a pair of white boots. I searched high and low for them, until I found a pair. Everybody thought I was crazy. I was told they were made for hookers. That they looked cheap. That they were ridiculous. I didn't care. I wore them all the time anyway. And I just let the haters hate as I walked on. Funnily enough, after I bought them, people kept saying to me, "I hate white boots, but they suit you, and you don't look like a hooker." (Thanks). White is often seen as a summer colour, but I think it's a colour that can work for all year round. After ages of searching for a pretty white summer dress that wouldn't look like any kind of wedding dress, I eventually found this one last year on the Asos Curve website. I wasn't sure how it was going to look on me. I was funny about the fit once it arrived, and it never really got worn much. Then I decided to wear it for the third time last week, and apparently it was a bit of a hit. My only complaint about this dress, is how short the lining is. Other than that, I love this dress. It's pretty, it's simple, it's lightweight... I just love it!

Until next time beauties, stay beautiful and blessed! 


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