Hello Beauties! 

Madrid is seriously heating up these days, so it's time to bring out the pretty, frilly, girly, summer clothes! I bought this playsuit from H&M last year, (not plus size), and although I was eager to get it on the blog, it never happened, but now here it is!

I got very mixed reactions to this outfit. I thought it was just cute. However, I noticed a lot of people staring at me as I walked down the street, got on the bus and in the metro. Old ladies were especially eyeing me up and down as if there was something wrong with me. I didn't get it. When I saw a few friends later, they said it was 'hot' and 'sexy'. Totally not what I was going for at all! It's funny how different people, see different things, in the same thing. I wouldn't call this outfit anything other than cute, girly, and summery.

What do you think?

Until next time beauties, stay blessed and true to yourselves!

Playsuit - H&M (2015)
'Jacket' - 'Chinos'
Shoes - 'Chinos'
Clutch - old (I can't remember where I bought it)
Sunglasses - 'Chinos'
Bracelets - Old (Again, I can't remember where I bought them)
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