Dress - Elogy by El Corte Ingles (Here)
Leather Jacket - Violeta by Mango (Here)
Sandals - Evans (Old)

 Hello Beauties! 

I am so in love with this dress. It's not actually called an ikat dress but I refer to it as that, because the print on it is very similar to ikat designs. I am also super, super excited to finally have a genuine leather jacket, which is something I have wanted for years! It's funny how you find things the moment you stop looking for them. The jacket has a very simple design, which I think will make it timeless, and it wasn't expensive for what it is. I know the website says it costs 139.99 euros, but I only paid 99.99 euros in store, which I think is extremely cheap for a genuine leather jacket, and so works out really affordable in the long run. (As my grandmother used to say, and my mother still says, cheap stuff actually works out more expensive). Now I want a brown one as well. I'll keep you posted!

As for this dress, I think it might have magic powers. I find people approach me more, pay me more compliments, and I feel magnificent in it. I originally saw it in an advert by El Corte Inglés, and I loved it then. It's not a plus size dress, but it's so oversized, and the fabric flows glides in motion so beautifully, that it will fit (and flatter) almost everybody, - as long as you can fit into the upper half of the dress. I find it's a small fit around my bust, but I love everything else about it so much, that I am willing to overlook that one little detail. (Even if it does tend to annoy me a bit). All in all, this dress is a new absolute favourite of mine, and I plan to feature it in another post, next time, on it's own. 

I didn't plan to wear these two together yesterday, but it suddenly went from being warm and sunny, to very dark and very, very, rainy. I wore this outfit to my God-daughter's church wedding. And yes, I cried a little bit. I always cry at weddings. Don't you?

Until next time, beauties, Take care, and stay beautiful, and be blessed! 

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