Hello Beauties,

This year I have teamed up with my good friend Joe, to bring you a 'Valentine's Day Special His & Hers outfit series'.  I am absolutely chuffed with the results, and I feel so blessed that he randomly offered to help out with my blog and YouTube! Now I cannot wait to post the more formal looks I have in store for you. Seriously, I am so excited about this series! You guys have no idea! And to top it off, it has proven complete fun to put together. The shoots have been really fun to do. - Just full of laughter and jokes! I tried to show that in the video as well (see the end of this post for that).

Now, moving swiftly on to our outfits! The first installment of this series features two rather casual looks. None of what I am wearing in this post is new, but I haven't blogged about this dress before. - Or at least not that I can remember. This year I have decided to put together looks that are 100% made up of clothes I already own. (The same appplies to Joe). Let's face it, times are hard, so why not shop from our closets, (after all it's free), and just re-vamp some old garments? A bit of imagination and choosing our accessories well can completely transform a look!

The print on my dress in this post is one of my favourites. In fact, I loved this dress so much when I bought it, that I also bought it in navy. I just love how this dress makes me feel like a doll. It's very feminine, and therefore, very me.

Joe's look is very boyish, and therefore very him. It's simple and casual, but the open shirt instead of a hoody, makes it a slightly smarter casual look. A pair of leather loafers would have made it a lot smarter, but his Adidas trainers are a classic, so who's complaining? The almost all blue outfit really makes his blue eyes pop. Both men and women can dress to accentuate their features.

These outfits are ideal for very down to Earth dates, such as coffee or a casual lunch. Or even just a walk. Seriously, small gestures can be extremely romantic, but are sadly underrated. Expensive dinners at high end restaurants and expensive gifts are lovely, but nothing beats a pretence-free conversation and a personalized gift (which could also be an action) that comes from the heart!

This shoot was really fun to do, and I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that Joe's not a bad photographer or cameraman! - Which reminds me! I also made a YouTube video to accompany this post, where I have done a breakdown of both our outfits for you, so please check out our video as well.

I have a few more looks in mind for Valentines day here on my blog, all 'His & Hers' for those of you out there who want some male outfit inspiration for your man as well as for yourself!

Until next time Beauties!

All my Love!

B! xox

T H E     V I D E O

For those of you who cannot see the embedded video, you can CLICK HERE to go straight to the video on my YouTube channel

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