Hi Beauties,

Here is the second part of our His & Hers Valentine's Day Outfits Series featuring my good friend Joe. I have to say, he is an absolute champ! It was really fun to shoot and film this series with him, despite the fact that he has zero interest in fashion, makeup and learning how to pose. He was completely out of his comfort zone during these shoots, but he kept his sense of humour on point, so we were just laughing the whole time. Plus, he did a brilliant job in front of the camera. Seriously, he doesn't just look like Prince Charming. He actually has the personally to match too! So big massive shout out to lovely Joe! Also a big massive shout out to our lovely friend Lars and my darling friend Stacia who also helped out with this shoot. I have some truly wonderful friends!

The video on this post has all the outfit details for both our looks, so please be sure to check that out. The location we chose for this shoot is an area called Opera. It's a really beautiful and elegant tourist area in Madrid centre which I absolutely love! And finally, please don't forget that there is a third and final part to this series, so please stay tuned for that!

I hope you all have a truly loving Valentine's Day. Remember, it's not just about celebrating romantic love. You can celebrate the love you feel for your friends and family as well!

Sending all of you all of my love,

Bex! x 

T H E    V I D E O 

You can view the video below, or CLICK HERE to go straight to the video on my YouTube channel

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