GRWM feat My Mum

I made another makeup video for my YouTube channel. This time featuring my mum. I'm really loving making these makeup videos, and I'm happy with the responses I've been getting. I'm especially looking forward to doing more people's makeup!

My mum isn't a big makeup wearer, but she got excited about me doing her makeup, and she loved how it came out in the end. Making this video with my mum was super special. Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved giving my mum style advice. I still remember when I was about five years old, how I managed to talk my mum into buying and wearing a red lipstick - even though she hated red lipstick. I vividly remember sneaking into her bedroom whenever I was home alone, and covering my face in her makeup. She didn't have very much because makeup wasn't (and still isn't), her thing, but there was enough there for me to make myself look almost clownish. I also vividly remember how she would let me wear blusher on Saturdays when I was a little girl, every time we went shopping at the West End. - She put it on for me, of course. My mum has never been a big makeup wearer, so she had very little of the stuff, but I still managed to enjoy playing around with it. And my love of playing with makeup never went away.

My mum has always been very reluctant to let me fully style her since she only likes simple and understated, but this time she gave me complete freedom to style her as I pleased for my blog and YouTube channel, and she was chuffed with the results. She even kept the dress and didn't wash the makeup off straight away, (which I thought she would). I feel so happy to have shared this moment with her. For those of you who don't know, she is my only living close relative. My father passed away when I was three years old, and I am their only child. Now that we live in different countries, and her health is constantly in decline, I try to cherish every second that I can have her close to me. You'll see in the video that my mum is just beautiful and adorably cute! I hope you will enjoy this video and let me know your thoughts on it!

Until next time, All my Luv, 



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