Hello Beauties,


I hope the new year is treating you fabulously. I am starting out this year with a GRWM video. (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO). Here are a few photos of the look:

I usually go for neutral makeup. The kind that is almost invisible. But I felt like going outside of my comfort zone last night. I was invited to a jazz concert, and I wanted to dress up for the occasion, but I wanted to try something different at the same time.

I tend to steer away from dark lip colours in particular, despite being able to appreciate them on others. So last night, I stepped outside of my comfort zone, put on some dark lippy, and it felt wonderful to challenge myself. It always does.

Everything I did, and all the products I used, are pretty self explanatory throughout the video - or so I think. I put on my foundation and filled in my eyebrows off camera, beforehand. I have learned that I can wear dark lipstick with confidence, and get complimented on it. I also learned that when zooming in on / cropping video footage in iMovie, the image quality decreases drastically. And that's no exaggeration. I really need an actual tripod - or a cameraman.

Funnily enough, I used to hate editing videos; but with my current version of iMovie, it was not only easy, but it was also fun! Now I am really looking forward to making lots more of these!

I hope you will enjoy this video. I wanted it to be five minutes long, but it's just under seven. (The perfectionist in me is cringing and dying right now). Other than that, I'm pretty happy with the result.

I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this video and the look. You can either CLICK HERE to view the video, or watch the embedded video below.

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