PLUS SIZE WEDDING OUTFIT [+My first time as official MUA]

A friend of mine got married yesterday, and this is what I wore. I was also her official make up artiste, and I have to say - I was truly impressed by my own work. I did her makeup at 7am in the morning, and even after the ceremony was over at 2pm, her makeup still looked absolutely flawless. The other guests were all commenting on how amazing her makeup was, right in front of me, but none had any idea that I was the one who did her makeup, so I was extra chuffed! It's making me seriously consider taking that on as a part time job.

As for what I wore to the ceremony, it's this dress that I bought from Dorothy Perkins back in 2008. I bought it to wear it to my University graduation ceremony, but I wore a silk dress from Monsoon instead. Meanwhile, this frock just gathered dust. I rediscovered it in a box of old clothes during my last trip to London. I decided to bring it back to Madrid with me, and it's been months since then, and this was my first time wearing it. I wore my lilac tutu underneath, and I felt like a princess the whole time. It's funny how wearing things that we are constantly told are not made for us, for our body type, can be the one thing that empowers us when taking ownership of our bodies, our style, and our lives.These mustard Mary-Janes are my favourite shoes. They are truly comfortable despite having a high heel. They are quite beat up though, so I need to re-purchase them - if I can. If not, then I'd like to explore the option of getting them dyed black. They have these annoying stains that won't budge with simple scrubbing. If anyone has any tips on how to do that, please let me know!

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