If you saw my previous post you will already know that I was my friend's official wedding MUA this weekend. It was my first time being an official MUA, although I am forever doing everyone's make up (and often hair). I can't take any credit for my friends wedding hair, but I take 100% full credit for the wedding make up. I wanted to share these photos before, but was waiting for written confirmation from the bride to use her image on my blog.

Here is a before shot for you to compare it with the after shots above. 



I was shocked to see that what I did worked. That the makeup I did on her at 7am, still looked fresh and just applied, at 2pm. I was very flattered to hear all the compliments she was given on her makeup, right in front of me, by people who had no idea that I was her MUA. They all assumed I was just one more guest. This has seriously made me want to re-consider doing this as a career, at least part time. I just have to look into the legal side of how to do this, but it's certainly been a confidence booster for my makeup skills. Doing your own makeup is one thing. Doing other people's, is another. It's not as easy as it looks. What I love about doing other people's makeup, more than anything else, is that feeling I get when I do something that empowers other women to own their appearance and feel extra beautiful. I guess it stems from being called ugly my whole life and not wanting anyone to ever feel the hurt that that can cause. 

Being able to bring joy to other people's lives, and to put a big genuine smile on their face, is the most beautiful and rewarding thing anyone can ever do in this life.

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