Hello Beauties,

I'm back after having been MIA for ages. Life had me distracted from blogging, - and shopping. I've gone from being a complete clothes shopaholic, to barely stepping anywhere near a clothes shop. I guess that as I grow older, (I turned 33 earlier this week), my priorities are changing. I still love fashion and dressing up, but constantly updating my wardrobe is no longer something I spend so much time on. So I'm back with items re-mixed. If you know me at all, you will know that I am total clothes hoarder. Luckily things come in and out fashion a lot, and since most of what I own is more classical than trendy, I tend to get a long life out of my clothes. This bright yellow maxi skirt is no exception. I'm not usually a fan of black and bright colours combined, but I liked how this look turned out. It was a casual daytime look, so I barely wore any makeup - just eye liner, mascara, and filled in brows; and I kept my hair simple too. And since autumn in Madrid is sunny, I thought I'd share some photos I took of some pretty flowers in a park.

WARNING: This is a picture heavy post.  

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