Here is how I dress up a basic, casual, white t-shirt. I throw on a romantic baby pink tutu and then I accessorize with a smile. 

I knew I would get a few stares as I walked down the street, which I did. I also got called "Princess" and "Prima Ballerina" from random strangers. I don't usually like to be called out at as I am going about my own business, but hey, I won't complain if those are the names people want to call me!

I must appologize for the blurry nature of most of these photos. Most would they say are not blog worthy, but who cares. It's my blog, and I will post whatever I want on here. You can see the outfit, and that's what matters. I am having issues with my Canon 700d, and I have to say, it takes really appalling photos at night. I knew it wasn't the best camera for night time photography before I got it, but I didn't realize quite how awful it is. The photos above were taken on a friends mobile phone, and the photos below are selfies I took at home with my own mobile phone before heading out. Going back to the outfit, I have to say, I love the feeling I get from wearing a tutu. I would wear a tutu everyday to go everywhere if I could. I kept my make up pretty simple, and worked with my hairs naturally curly texture, since it's so hot and humid out here right now!

I hope you've enjoyed this post, and hopefully there'll be more coming soon!

Stay blessed! xox     

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