Hello Beauties,

It's Wednesday already! Oh how time flies! I had a great shoot with my photographer, Javi, (Instagram: justcallmepaquitohhh) on sunday. Everything was going fine, and he gave me the images on the same day. I was really chuffed with the results. only for my computer to randomly tell me that I don't have permission to view my own files on the Monday evening. This means I can't use the photos until the issue is resolved. I've tried to fix it, but to no avail. It seems I have to pop by an apple shop and have an expert take a look at it, but all the apple shops are so far out. Plus, discussing technical stuff in Spanish is daunting; but it has to be done I guess!

So, for now, I will share one of my make up looks from Sunday's shoot with you. - And yes, those are my real eyelashes. I get my lashes that long and thick by using Dior's DiorShow Maximizing lash serum (it's white, not transparent), and then going over them with my Armani mascara. Not cheap, but worth the money. I wore my favourite foundation which is by L'Oreal. I filled in my brows with Bobbi Brown's mahogany eyeshadow, using a Bobbi Brown angled brush. The blush is a mix of an Estee Lauder orange/brownish colour, and a pink L'Oreal blush. And on my lips I am wearing a sort of baby-pink pink shade of Clinique chubby stick. I'm terrible with remembering exact names of beauty products by the way - in case you hadn't noticed. I switched it around a bit between looks as well.

I did make one make up video, and it seemed to be liked - (I actually called everything by it's proper name in the video) - and I would like to make another one. I really want to make a Get Ready With me for a Photo shoot video, but until I have a decent camera, I don't want to bother.

As for my now organising shoots for my blog posts, I want to make something very clear. All the outfits you see on my blog are outfits I wear in my everyday life, and I have chosen to photograph them all in one day so I can have some decent quality photos to post on here, instead of my dodgy photos that I used to take by myself with my tripod using my now old and not-so-great Sony Cybershot. I buy all of my own clothes and cosmetics. (Unless otherwise stated). And all my opinions and experiences are my own!

I hope your weeks is going fabulously!

Hopefully my posts will be up soon!

Much love,

Rebeca xox 
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