A quick selfie of my and my official blogger pass, that allowed me access all areas.
This is what the timetable, etc, was like.

This is the finale of Couchel. I want all their glittery garments in my closet NOW!!! - And yes, that is Tara Lynn.

I got to meet leading Plus Model Tara Lynn backstage. She was really sweet, and just as gorgeous in real life as she is in pictures. For those of you live under a rock and don't know who she is, she has an impressive CV, and I highly recommend you google her achievements so far.
Here is a selfie I took to show you guys via Instagram, how I did my makeup for the event.
(If you are not following me on Instagram, it's @RebequitaRose)
Here is a photo of my entire outfit. Sadly the shoes have been chopped out, but you've seen them before if you're not new to my blog.


So, this happened on Friday, and I couldn't have been happier or more grateful about having been invited to take part as one of five official bloggers, with an access of all areas pass. I go into more detail about the experience in the video, but let's just say I was ecstatic and exited, and the invitation, (which included a front row seat), wasn't limited to just going to view the show. 

Plan A had been to just do a write-up, in both english and spanish, about the show in general. Instead, I was too giddy and felt the need to speak, to make it more personal, so I just made a random video while chilling in my Pj's on my sofa. For those of you who cannot view the imbedded video, please CLICK HERE to be redirected to that in a new window.  

I'm grateful because I know my blog isn't a massive deal in the blogging world. There are much more successful bloggers out there, and going to a fashion show was something I had wanted to experience for the some time now. When I first heard about Curvies by El Corte Inglés, I was really eager to go, but I couldn't find any information on-line about how to go. Then randomly  out of nowhere, I got an invite from someone I had never met before. It was one of the girls working for the company, and of course, I jumped at the chance. I didn't think I would ever get invited to the event, because I am not a leading blogger. For one, my blog quality isn't as high as that which you see in most of the leading bloggers websites and social media. I don't mean my style. Style is subjective, and different people like different things. I am true to my style, and I mostly wear what I wear in my everyday life in my posts, but I know my photo quality is not what it could be. I do what I can, when I can, with what I have; and I refuse to live so far beyond my means that I end up in debt. I am vain, but I am not that vain. I make no secret of my not being rich, and often waiting for the sales to come by to indulge in slightly pricer things. I haven't quit blogging, because I absolutely love the whole process of putting a post together, and I love talking to the few of you who do read my blog and appreciate what I do, but I have never had grand expectations of my blog in terms of freebies and major fashion events, or anything like that. It's something that would be nice, but has never been an expectation. As I get older, I feel a great urge to improve what I can, so for now, I am working on improving my photo and video quality. That doesn't guarantee anything, but I will feel better and a little more fulfilled with future posts. Like I said.  blogging for me was never about getting free clothes, or going to big-deal fashion events,  or anything like that. If it had been, I would have given up a very long time ago. Of course, I was aware that those were perks for very successful bloggers, and if that ever happened to me, I wouldn't turn it down; but it was never the purpose or the motivation for me to blog. 

A lot of bloggers are reluctant to discuss behind the scenes going-ons because they think it makes them look unprofessional. I don't think it does. I think someone needs to put it out there and make it clear that having a blog is hard work, can be expensive, can be competitive, and that this is not a way to get tons of free things - especially not from the get-go. (And even when you do get free things, it's not always exactly what you wanted to get). You have to invest quite a lot of time, and often money, before you get anywhere, and there are no guarantees that your blog will be successful, no matter how much time and effort you put into it. I'm not trying to discourage anyone. I am simply dispelling this myth that a lot of people have when it comes to what blogging is, and what blogging can get you. I've done very few collaborations, but I have turned down tons of offers. I often find myself being contacted by random companies wanting free publicity from me, for absolutely nothing in return. Often times these are companies that have nothing to with plus sizes. Those are the most frequent offers I tend to get, and I know I am not alone on that one after chatting to many other bloggers about this. It seems that this is a fairly frequent going on. Those few leading bloggers who do dare to discuss what goes on behind the scenes, will also tell you that very rarely is anything truly for free. So when for once, I get something come my way, out of nowhere, which is not only genuine, but makes me a part of plus size fashion history, I am going to get excited beyond what words can express, because to me, going to this event has been a very, very big deal. Remember, this is the first time MFShow has ever included plus sizes. 

I would love to go to more events like this, and I promise not to be so shy next time around. But even if this turns out to be a one-off, I will still be very happy and grateful that this actually happened. It's definitely one of the most treasured moments of my life. Not only as a blogger, but as someone who has always struggled with both body image issues and confidence issues. 

Anyway, this is just a quick post on my overall personal experience. I shall do another write up discussing the actual fashion, and the looks I loved most from the fashion show, many more photos of the actual show, and a part 2 telling you all about the shopping trip that El Corte Inglés is treating us to, along with breakfast and lunch. 


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