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I woke up today feeling like I was on a fresh page. Normally I am indifferent to the new year and my birthdays, but for some reason today I felt really positive about it being 2015. Let's see what lies ahead!

This is another one of those looks that I photographed in Madrid, but couldn't post it because my other mac crashed. But here it is, and I am very happy to finally be sharing!

This outfit is very true to my style. It's girly and fun. 

This lace skirt was one of the many sale items I ordered from Asos Curve before Christmas. It's a bit big, but I can make it work. The black body suit was also purchased via Asos Curve. 


The blazer however, is from a Chino on Plaza Cristo Rey back in Madrid and it was only 6 euros. Total bargain!

As for my New Years resolutions - I hadn't really made any in years. But for 2015 I want to make a few.

For one, I want to make more of an effort to be sociable and outgoing. I am very shy, and I don't go out much or meet many new people. I used to go out a lot in Madrid during my first few years here, but eventually I got fed up with the shallowness of Madrid nightlife. I found myself having the same conversation with everyone I came across, nobody ever believing I am english, the bars and nightclubs all look pretty much the same, and the music they play out there is mostly 90s pop hits for some strange reason. I often found myself not enjoying myself at all, and always regretting the money I was wasting on not having a good time. By the end of the night, I was everybody else's mother - making sure everyone got home safely. Then I'd get called the next day to be interrogated on what had happened the night before, because I was the only one who was sober and who could remember anything. It got old, predictable, and very tiring. In the end I cut ties with a lot of people, and opted for a quiet life with a small circle of friends who do not live for the nightlife. I am not saying I am going to suddenly become a party animal, but yes be more sociable. Maybe join groups, clubs or classes with people who share similar interests. Explore more of Madrid and Spain in general. Travel more. At least around Spain; and make the effort to open up to new people and new experiences in general.

 I'd also like to try and be more organised. I have already improved my time keeping skills, but I need to be more organised, since the two kind of go hand in hand.

I really need to get back on the healthy band-wagon. I was doing so well between august and mid October. I was eating super healthy and super clean from the moment I was diagnosed as having stage-one type-two diabetes. Then my mum came to visit and ruined it all for me, and it has been almost impossible for me to get back on track ever since.

I'd like to be more careful with my pennies. I am a shopaholic, and a hoarder - although I do eventually get rid of tons of stuff all in one go and it always feels good. In any case, I have to curb those traits for greater goods. Yes, I have been known to loose sleep over things I talked myself out of buying, and that probably won't change; but if I have will power over other areas of my life, I can make a bigger effort to extend it to my shopping habit. I am a perfectionist, which ties in with my shopaholic ways, but I must remind myself that the world won't come to an end because I didn't buy something! - That said though, I am planning to invest in some tutus, new shoes, and a onesie. Or two.

And finally, I'd like to trying being a bit selfish and start to fully celebrate my own virtues. This doesn't mean stop caring about others and start being arrogant. It means give myself more credit for my virtues instead of down playing them so much, and don't let anyone take advantage of your generosity. It's all good and well to be Christian and compassionate, but quite another to be a door mat. I am very generous and often put everyone else's interests before my own. This is often not reciprocated and I usually end up loosing out. I will still be generous, but I will start to put a limit on my generosity. Part of why my back has taken such a serious turn for the worse now, is because I was too busy trying to do my best by others, instead of what was best for me. I should have said no to doing more than what I can when it starts interfere with my health, but I didn't. The only one loosing out and suffering here, is me. But not anymore!

What new years resolutions have you made?

Until next time,

x o x 

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