Whilst most people at this time are probably dollying up and getting excited about NYE celebrations tonight, I am stuck in bed, literally unable to walk thanks to my severe back-pain, hip-pain and leg-pain. Not the best way to start 2015, but since my last post was recalling somewhat depressing scenarios from the past, and I'm in a random good mood right now (despite my crippling pain), I have made a conscious decision to make the best of my current not-so-good situation, and share some happy news with you today. Conclusion? Yes, I am housebound and in bed, but I can still indulge in some beautification. That's where this satin-mix protective turban comes in.

As some of you may know, although I look mostly white, I'm actually mixed-raced. I think I look mixed, but most people don't seem to agree. Anyway, I have very curly hair which I used to always straighten, so it currently has a bit of heat damage. 

I have tried to 'go natural' may times, but it's not easy. I watch a lot of afro-hair care tutorials on-line, and to be honest, I think everyone of every race and every hair type could learn a few things from those girls. It's basically what everyone should do to keep their hair healthy. 1. Moisturise to the max. 2. Keep heat to a bare minimum at most. And 3. Work with your hairs natural texture, not against it.

 Another tip that keeps coming up, is sleeping on a silk or satin pillow, or wearing silk or satin bonnets to sleep in, - since apparently, cotton bedding can contribute to hair damage. I'd been wanting a satin bonnet since forever, but as far as I know, there aren't many afro-hair shops in Madrid, and I can't imagine finding a satin bonnet in a 'regular' beauty shop in Madrid. Plus, since afro-shops are a rare occurrence in Madrid, whatever you might be able to find in them, is most likely going to be very limited and very pricey. In any case, a satin or silk turban (although I was originally after a bonnet), was probably going to be more expensive in Madrid than in London no matter what. So I was waiting until I was in London again, to invest in some at an affordable price. I do have a silk cushion in Madrid that I have been known to sleep on, but it's rather small, so it's probably not doing much good (or bad).

My hair mostly resembles caucasian hair, I would say, but it has some afro tendencies. It's slightly 'coarse' to the touch. My natural curl pattern is very, very tight My hair dries out very quickly, and when it is damaged, it has been known to literally break off. Snap. I have a whole 'snapped off' section of hair on the front-right side of my head right now. (Sorry, I don't have any photos of that, but please, take my word for it). 

I do indulge my hair in TLC-for-hair sessions when I can. I use a cocktail of oils as often as I can - almond oil, castor oil, red oil and sometimes olive oil - which do help. But I have also gone back to using a lot of heat on my hair, which is counter productive, I guess. It's a lot less heat than before, but it's still heat on a fairly regular basis. I don't apply heat with the oil in my hair - just in case anyone was wondering. Yet I'm still getting breakage and dry ends which don't curl or wave anymore. All those things are signs of heat damage, so I need to get a grip if I want completely, genuinely, healthy hair again. Hair growth is not an issue since my hair grows really quickly, and it's pretty long at the moment. I have a few tricks coming this way about how else I plan to go natural with 'protective' hair styling, but for now, I'm embracing the satin headwear to sleep in. 

I bought three kinds. Two turbans which are exactly the same as each other which I am showing you in this post, and two satin bonnets which are different to each other but not shown in this post. My favourites are the turbans, and I'll probably wear them to go out in as well! I got the turbans and the bonnets from a shop called Afro Word in Dalston, and they were really cheap. The turbans were only £1.99 each, one of the bonnets was £1.99, and the other bonnet was £2-something but it claims to be a treated product containing Organic Argan Oil, Tocopherols, Vitamin E, and it also claims to heal damaged hair as well as provide a dramatic Moisture boost. Oh, and it says it prevents breakage. It's also extra wide, so can be worn over rollers. I don't use rollers, (although I will be experimenting with my heated rollers once I am back in Madrid), so we'll see how useful the extra width is (or isn't) for me. I am wondering if it will loose all of those properties when it gets washed, but I assume it would.

I'm pretty sure I will eventually wear these turbans to go out. Adding a sparkly brooch to the middle of that turban would be nice. Wearing it with curls popping out of the bottom would be nice too. I have a few retro styles in mind now!

Further down the line I shall do a review post/video on all these products, and how much I think they have or haven't influenced my natural hair journey. 

Tomorrow I shall start the new year with an actual outfit post - maybe two. I haven't done New Year Resolutions in years, but this year, I'd like to make a few, so I shall be sharing those with you tomorrow!

In the meantime, I hope you all have a great time celebrating new year's and remember, be safe, be happy, and be yourself! HAPPY 2015! 

Until then,


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