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It's been forever since I posted anything on here. I have a billion ideas in my head for looks and things I want to post, and then life just gets in the way. I started a new job three weeks ago, and it's pretty much taken over my life. I just got my first pay from this new job, and although it's not amazing pay, I decided to spoil myself with a little bit of retail therapy anyway. I hadn't ordered anything from Asos Curve since forever, and I've been wanting to update my wardrobe for some time now. Lastnight I stalked the Asos Curve sale section, and fell in love with so many pieces, but although they were on sale, they were still at the pricey end for me. I had picked out about five hundred euros worth of dresses and other pretty things, but that is just way beyond what I can afford to spend on just one shopping spree. So I looked a little closely at what I was considering buying, and figured I could probably make a lot of those dresses with fabric I already have at home, at a fraction of the Asos Curve price. So that's what I opted to do, and then I only bought a few things which I know I can't make myself... The first order I placed had a problem and didn't go through, so I re-ordered five minutes later, and it went through without any glitches. However, within those five minutes, I missed out on this baby in my size:

Luckily, I managed to order the following successfully! Everything I ordered was between a size 18-22, and I'm hoping they will fit fine. I've lost a lot of weight recently, so I'm not sure what sizes I should be ordering... *fingers crossed*

All black, and all requiring that I invest in an amazing strappless black bra. I have a billion styling ideas for these tops, so I am looking forward to their arrival! I'm actually really excited!!! I think I'll just see them as late birthday presents to myself *smiles*

Two of the items I plan to DIY are the following:

I've heard a lot of people comment on how ASOS Curve is really affordable. I think it depends a lot on where you are in the world, and what currency you are paying in. If I were in London, and earning London wages, I'd be able to splash out more. But when shopping in euros and earning in euros, you have to really watch the pennies; unless you are one of those few people who really earns a lot of money. The job I have now, by Spanish standards, doesn't pay badly. In fact, it was the best paid job I found of the lot. Yet it's still not great pay in the grand scheme of things. I guess I'm lucky that I'm good with my hands, so I can always sort-of afford to take on a demanding but not fabulously paid job, and then just try and make things myself before splashing out loads of money on something. My only other problem now is, finding the time to make these things!

There is also this false idea that bloggers are loaded. I'm sure some are. And if not, loaded, then in debt. I am not loaded, or in debt, and I refuse to be in debt. I've never had a credit card, or paid for anything in installments. It's just not how I like to do things. I was raised in a household where what we had was ours, and if we couldn't afford something, we lived without it, and that was that. I was always scared by the number of people I knew who were constantly being called by their bank about debt, and even people who had the bailiff call round. Surely, no dress or gadget is worth all that hassle... Or is it? That said, I am seriously thinking about getting a credit card soon, so I can buy myself a new camera, and have some sort of credit history - in case I should need one in future. At 32, that might sound odd. Everyone my age seems to have debt, even if it's just a student loan debt. I was lucky I didn't need a student loan, and I do not take for granted that I did not end uni with a massive debt lingering over my head, so I make a point of not getting into debt for trivial reasons. Nothing is more important than health or an education, and if neither of those things have put me in debt, fashion certainly won't either. No matter how much I love fashion and dressing up, I know there are much more important things in life. I'm not saying, take how you look lightly. How we dress speaks volumes about us without us having to say a word. However, good health and a decent education, should always be our number one priorities. Everything else, is secondary. Speaking of which...

Right now I seem to be harbouring something or other, so I've not done any of the sewing I had planned to do this weekend. I really need to keep my strength up and my health in check, especially when I'm so new at my new school! The last thing I need is to fall sick and have to take time off work! Hopefully I'll be a lot better by the end of this week, and will get to make at least one of these two dresses and a skirt made next weekend, and maybe my next post will be a DIY project *wink wink*

I have some very exciting collabs coming up, so stay tuned for those. I am also planning to sell some of my old clothes. I gave away heaps of clothes to a local church last week, and should really look into getting rid of more things before I make or buy new ones. But so much of what I own is classical rather than trendy, so still wearable... We'll see.

I was rather heartbroken yesterday when I tried to sign up to Simply Be UK and it wouldn't let me sign up with my Spanish address or Spanish phone number! And here I am, wanting to expand on my shop list! *tsk tsk*

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