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Hello Gorgeous Ladies! 

I am really really really excited to be doing another blogger interview. I used to have a segment on here called "Up Close and Personal with a P.H.A.T girl", and somehow it fizzled out. It was something I absolutely loved to do, and I have decided to take it up again, so I can share and showcase other bloggers who's style I love! Today I've reached out to Pepper. A fellow Plus Size blogger in her 30s, who has great style and some great inspirational words for our fellow plus size sisters out there! You can go straight to the posts which feature the outfits included in this interview by clicking on the photos! I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we have! - And thank you very much Pepper for agreeing to this interview!

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UpClose & Personal with...

Name - PrettyPlusPep  AKA Pepper M. Martin
Age - 38
Sex/Gender - Girl
Height - 5 '8
Dress Size - Various Don't Believe in the Sizes
Body type - Hella Curvy
Location - Alabama USA
Languages - English
How you have been blogging for  2 years 

How did you get into blogging, and why? 
I have always been a fan of blogging. My first blog was about the exploration of my feelings as a  woman coming out of a relationship. It left me broken in so many ways. Blogging provided the voice I needed to speak and the right release at that time. Later, I started my fashion blog after talking to a friend about my skill in taking thrifts and goodwill finds and turning them into the current trends without breaking the single girl's budget. It was perfect!  I find myself loving all the current trends, but not the price. I would like for my blog to serve as inspiration for women seeking the trends and creating the perfect look for themselves. And definitely about finding deals and steals online and at local retailers.

Tell us what are the best and worst bits about being blogger? 
The best part is meeting people who you have inspired. I am told by women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds that I inspire them to be proud of the curves they have. Wear color and graphics. Go beyond the designated Plus Size section because style is beyond size boundaries. The not so great is sometime people will attempt to take advantage of you.

Tell us a bit about the people you have met through blogging who have enriched your life, inspired you, and/or maybe made you experiment with styles outside of your comfort zone?
I've had the opportunity to meet many wonderful bloggers, magazine editors and influential people on this journey. It really is a beautiful sisterhood. They are changing me for the better everyday and I am grateful for the many of them.
What would you say to someone who has negative issues with their body, or parts of their body, and it's having a negative influence on their confidence and life in general, to make them love/accept their body?
Our bodies are gifts. The negative feelings we are feeling are usual from the outside critics judging and offering their opinion. We are made perfect from the day we are born, as we become older we seek acceptance from others when we should be accepting ourselves.  I think it is okay to be conceited sometime. Love every part of your body, that's make you different, beautiful and something this world needs to see.
Who/what inspires your posts when (or if) you ever get bloggers-block (like writers block)? I seek inspiration from everything but blogger block happens.  When it does, I try to reset myself by looking in magazines; going to some of my favorite blogger sites or just embrace my surroundings.

To date, which post from your blog would you say has been the most challenging, why, and how did you overcome it? Also tell us which post you are the most proud of. 
I love this questions because my most challenging and most proud post is the same post. Wearing a swimsuit after 10+ years of not being "swimsuit ready" was a mind challenge for me.  I wasn't ready in my mind to handle the critic this post would bring.  The women I collaborated with for this post were most influential in helping me get over this challenge and It immediately became my favorite post of all time. I am wearing a two piece bikini! I can remember walking out the door to take my picture for the swimwear post and my brother telling me, how wonderful I looked. Coming from a fitness fanatic, this made my day and my post. the Swimwear post will always be my favorite post. 

How would you describe your blog and style to someone who had never seen your blog before? 
My blog is a  diary of my journey in exploring fashion from the eyes of a woman with thunder thighs, vintage obsession, tight purse strings and  lover of prints. I love beautiful things period. 
What is the one item or element that you think will make or break an outfit? 
Enthusiasm! If your heart is in the outfit , it will reflect no mare what you are wearing.  
Have you always been plus size? 
Always, The sad part is when I was in high school, I was a size 16 and I thought I was the biggest girl in school. If only I knew what I know now.

Is there any style/print/colour etc which you think plus size ladies should either steer clear from, or totally embrace, and why?

Oh Hunny!  Embrace Everything!  The minute you embrace it you will own it. 

I noticed you have fabulous thick hair, and you seem to switch hairstyles a lot. Tell us a bit about how you keep your hair so healthy and versatile at the same time
Thank you for the wonderful compliment.  I've been natural this time around for a year now,I love changing my hairstyle and I do this quite frequently.  I like to wear wigs and weaves to protect my natural hair during the winter months, the cold weather can sometimes make my hair extreme dry and brittle.  I trim and wash my hair every other week and the routine consist of several steps to maintain the moisture in my hair and prevent breakage.  The wig and weave give me the freedom to change my look without the commitment. Next year I plan on exploring my color options. I can't wait!!

Please list you favourite plus size bloggers to date:

Can't I love them all

Gold or Silver?   Pewter
Heels or flats?    Wedge
Cats or dogs? Dog
Loud music or quiet music? Loud
Classical or mainstream? Classical
Miss Piggy or Marilyn Monroe? Miss Piggy


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