I promised you guys a video discussing how I beat my body image demons. Then I got ill with swine flu. Not ideal for making videos. I still plan to make that video, but when I am fully recovered. 

Truth is, I haven't had a fat day, or an I-feel-ugly day, in years, and it has probably been one of the most liberating experiences of my life. It was one of the reasons I started blogging, and now I want to put that bit of me out there more, in the hope that my experiences can truly help someone out there who is still trapped in that horrible place of self-hatred based on looks.

In the meantime, I want to share this video which encompasses some of the things I wanted to say, and which helped me too. (It's coincidence, btw).

If you haven't met this truly amazing woman yet, 
please allow me to introduce...


I've known about this amazing and inspirational woman for a years now. I knew she had a genetic disorder which doctors know nothing about. I knew it was so rare that only two people in the world have it. And I knew she was a motivational speaker. What I didn't know, was all the things she mentions at the start of this video. Like how someone made a video of her entitled 'The Ugliest Woman in the World', how it had had millions of hits, and how complete strangers were telling her to do the world a favor and go kill herself. - If anyone needs proof that we live in a completely shallow, and superficial world, that's it right there. Well, I for one, thank God that Lizzie chose to not go kill herself, and be succesful. And without further a do, here is her video:

PS: Her parents are my heroes too! 

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