I am an on-and-off hair transitioner. 

I am mixed-race, with naturally curly hair which I usually blow dry straight. 
(Here is a YouTube tutorial I did on it ages ago)

My hair looks good after the blow dry (it was short when I made the video), but it takes time to blow dry, and done too often, can really weaken the curl, if not the hair...

However, what I really wish I could do, is just embrace my natural curls. So I often turn to on-line inspiration. My hat goes off to all the girls on youtube who document and share their hair transition. They are SUCH an inspiration, and their hair is just gorgeous!

Although I am only part black, and I have hair which is more like european hair than afro hair, I can still relate to a lot of things that black women say about their hair. I was also raised with the idea of 'good hair' and 'bad hair', and sadly, I was raised with the idea that I have 'bad hair' - even though my hair is strong, grows crazy quick, shines, and has a naturally perfect curl pattern (which I have since destroyed with heat damage). So with all of that, I turn to the internet to seek positive natural hair information and opinions, which is inspirational. Below are some amazing images I found on-line... (Click on image to find source)


Among my search, I have come across a lot of randomness. 

I once saw a natural hair documentary on natural hair a while back and REALLY disliked it. I found the discussion really shallow. I remember thinking one of the women in particular had serious issues and needed to get some white female friends to discover that not all white women have flawless wash and go hair, and that overall, it didn't really deal with the issue in a way that wasn't completely superficial. 

Then today I came across this, and I really like how they handled this issue here. They still talk about the racial element that influences hair-care and hair-routine of black women in a society that preaches that only european hair is attractive hair, but, they did it in such a way, that wasn't expressed with the assumption that all white women have flawless wash-and-go-hair. They spoke about their experiences. Period. And they were dignified and respectful. I recommend this documentary!


Parts 1 & 2

My hair is a lot longer than it was a few months ago. Like I said, it grows crazy quick, so perhaps now is the prefct time for me to be transitioning on a more serious and consistent level. It'll definitely save me time and energy, if nothing else...

As a latina though, this next video totally hits the nail on the head for me in general, not only in regards to what hair symbolizes or represents socially, but just race.

x o x 

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