After posting about how much I would like to embrace my natural curls, I went ahead and braided my hair after washing it. When I took it out the next day, this is what I got... (Sorry for the poor quality phone pic here)

It wasn't what I had expected, and I wasn't particularly happy with the results. I thought I would have been 'brave' enough to just go out like this. In the end, I put it back in a bun...

It wasn't perfect, but I felt less self conscience like this. 

I will continue experimenting with the braid out until I find a wave pattern I am completely happy with. 

I filmed a video about this braid out, but honestly, it's not that great. I had bad lighting, and the built-in cam on my MacBook pro kept freezing up and stuff, so not only is the video itself nothing particularly interesting, the editing process would be a nightmare with so many frozen bits. LOL.

If you have ANY tips of advice, please leave them as a comment below, or e-mail me!

x o x
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