I am back (with lots of DIY)

Oh dear... where shall I begin? I haven't posted anything on here since April of this year, and it's now September. I cringe at the knowledge that I unintentionally 'abandoned' my blog, and then I never gave my readers an explanation of why. First of all, I moved house, and for some strange reason my laptop wouldn't connect to the wifi. A few days ago we discovered it was because the router was broken. At the same time, I had  also lost my camera's battery charger, so couldn't take photos with my camera anyway, since the battery was dead. I guess that when it rains in my world, it pours. Generously. However, during that time though, (since I have internet on my mobile phone), I turned to Instagram, (quite obsessively), where I uploaded my looks and DIY projects on a daily basis. Yes, I said DIY. (More on that in a moment). So my not blogging was the consequence of no internet on my laptop during all those months, and a lack of photos since I couldn't charge my camera's battery! I am very sorry to those of you who missed me. Thank you very much to those of you who e-mailed me to ask if I was OK and when was I going to post again! Your concerns really touched me, and I am sorry I was so quiet for so long - although I did check my mail whenever I could, and I always replied back! I am also surprised at the responses I've been getting from my Instagram posts! 

As for my DIY work recently... I have always been very creative and very good with my hands, and I've always loved sewing too. So I finally invested in a Singer sewing machine and got to doing lots of DIY projects. So far, everything has turned out pretty well, so I also invested in some patterns by Simplicity when I went to London over the summer. These days I spend hours glued to my sewing machine and it just fills me with so much joy. - Wearing something I made myself gives me a wonderful feeling. It really puts into perspective how expensive or cheap clothes are in the shops, as well as how much work goes into getting everything right. Professional dressmakers and tailors might hate me for saying this, but a lot of sewing comes down to common sense and patience, as well as creativity. The first few clothes I made were created without using a pattern or taking any measurements. Obviously they didn't turn out flawless, but they came out brilliantly considering, since they turned out almost perfect. - And the best part is being able to truly wear whatever I want, rather than sitting around and waiting for someone else to make it for me! 

The look I am posting now, is quite boring and plain, but it's what I wore to spent the day with my mum around London when I went home, so I was going for comfortable and girly, but discreet and understated. The skirt is actually the bottom half of an old demin dress which some of you may recall from my post Denim Doll. I never completely liked how it fit as a dress, but as a skirt it's just perfect. Chopping off the top half was probably the best thing I ever did! 

Here is the look:

Feeling short next to this statue of a very tall gentleman... lol 

And passers by, and people in the background, 'crashing' my blog photos...!!! lol 

And if you don't remember this skirt ever being a dress, 
here it is...

And all I did was... 

Here are two other looks I've put together with this skirt 

(from my Instagram over the summer):

I also had a go at making a 'skater dress', 
without using a pattern or taking measurements... 

(I looked at the reverse side of dresses I have bought and used my imagination)

I also made myself this black and white striped skirt...

(with an elasticated-gathered back and smooth front)

So far I am practising by recycling fabrics, altering existing clothing, and only buying really cheap fabrics, (and scraps). If it works out, great! And if it doesn't, that's OK and not much is lost. I try to make sure I actually like my fabrics though, (even if they are cheap), so that they can be wearable if they work out OK, lol.

And here is a sneak peak at two of my most recent DIY projects (not completed yet):

I made both of these skirts using the fabric of a quilt cover, (double bed size). My mum was horrified I'd use such fabric, but I am happy with the outcome and I don't think they are bad considering it's a first attempt. Besides, as I just said, why practise on expensive fabric when I am just starting out and learning as I go along? I've been investing in lots of affordable fabrics to practise on, until I feel more confident! If they are wearable, excellent! If they're not, then not much us lost or wasted, but I can still learn from my mistakes! I started out by following the pattern meant for making the bottom half of a dress, but then I deviated from the pattern and the instructions, to pleat and gather each one as I preferred. I know they are not perfect, but I think they're fine for a first time experiment! I love how both of them came out, and I can't wait to wear them after I finish up altering and stuff to make them more wearable, lol. 

Most of my DIY projects in the beginning were cushions. I just love cushions! But this post if getting far too long, and cushions aren't really fashion related! 

But you can see photos of some of my cushions, DIYs and outfits, on my Instagram @rebequitarose 

I haven't done a breakdown on the garments featured in these looks on here today. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to let me know in the comments box, or e-mail me in private. 

I will say though! The bag in the first look is currently one of two of my favourite bags! It's 100% leather, extremely durable and versatile - (in that it matches with almost anything), and it really 'lifts' any outfit, - and you can fit heaps of stuff in it if you need to! I got in the sales at Massimo Dutti, along with some scarves (which I can't wear just yet because it is far to hot out here in Madrid right now). 

I promise I won't let another five months go by before I post again! I promise! 

Much luv, 


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