Day one at my New School

I started at my new school yesterday. 
As I mentioned in my previous post, I was both excited and nervous at the same time about it. Excited because a change is always exciting, but nervous because there was some confusion surrounding a meeting I was meant to attend last week before the school year actually started officially, but which nobody told me about; so I didn't go. I was scared I'd be starting out on the wrong foot, without having done anything wrong. I was nervous about getting the balance right between defending myself and being diplomatic if I were to get a telling off for my no-show. In the end I didn't need to say anything. My boss knew perfectly well that I hadn't been informed about the meeting and it was all just one big misunderstanding, with the mistake being theirs, not mine. It was such a relief to have her acknowledge straight away that I had done nothing wrong, which instantly put me at ease. 

The only remaining downside is that I am very, very shy, (until you get to know me, or if I am singing on stage), so I am not saying much to my workmates. Everyone seems really nice, but I feel awkward, and I never know what to say to strangers, so I just smile a lot, don't say much, and tend to keep myself to myself. I worry that my new workmates will misinterpret me and think I am an unfriendly snob. Most people find it unbelievable that a shy person can take pride in their appearance, not be afraid to stand out aesthetically, but then be lost for words when chatting to strangers. I guess I am weird

I had no idea what to wear on my first day, and ended up going with this simple dark blue toned jeans and blouse look because I thought it was 'neutral', but still 'me'. I wasn't happy with the look, but I decided to be objective, and go with whatever seemed the most 'work friendly'. My new school doesn't have a dress code like my previous school did, so I went for smart-casual to be 'safe'. I didn't want to stand out on my first day by walking in there wearing overly bright colours, or anything like that, and potentially attract negative attention to myself. I've had more than enough of my fair share of bad luck with jobs, and I experience has taught me the importance of image in the workplace, and the consequences of your fashion choices. I kept my hair and make-up as simple and natural as possible as well, but I still managed to feel overdressed, despite not being entirely happy with my outfit. Meh. At least my hair was shiny and bouncy. 

If all else fails, but your hair behaves, the rest doesn't seem so bad! LOL! 

This is 100% my natural hair colour, which doesn't always show up clearly in photos. 
People are always asking if I use dye my hair or use colour enhancing hair products. The answer is no to both questions. 

A close friend of mine recently sent me a link to a seven minute lecture or speech by educator, Rita Pierson. She talks about the importance of the teaching profession and the influences teachers have over their students lives. It sounds so trivial, but she just made me a cry. We all remember our best and worst teachers, and they have all influenced who are become. 

Click here to watch it, (con subtitulos en español),
 or watch the embedded video below
and let me know your thoughts. 

It only lasts seven minutes, and you will be touched. 

Until next time, 
Take Care! 

x o x 

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