Sunday Morning at the Gym

You guys have never seem me looking so un-girly.  I wanted to show you what I wore to the gym this morning because it was something so different to what I normally share on here. This is me laid bare, in my joggy-bottoms / pyjama bottoms, trainers, unbrushed hair, no make-up, and sunglasses to hide the fact that I barely slept the night before thanks to noisy housemates and even noisier neighbours! But I shall save the anecdotes for another day, especially since the housemate in question came to my room when I got home, to appologize without any cues.

Those bottoms are what I usually wear as pyjamas in the winter as they are very warm and very comfy! When I told my friend I'd be leaving my house in pyjamas to go to the gym since I have no proper actual sportswear, the reaction I got was disbelief. When we actually met up, I was told I looked very elegant in my pyjamas. I don't know I would personally say I looked 'elegant' in my pyjamas, especially ones as ugly as these, but hey. Why knock a compliment? 

I don't normally wear sunglasses, although I think they suit me. I very rarely wear sunglasses to hide my sleepy eyes. These were actually a gift, and I had planned to wear them all the time. I loved love them so much, that that was my plan. Didn't happen though. I hate that sunglasses make everything look so dark and grim! Still, dark and grim was better that walking around looking half asleep today, so the glasses went on, and stayed on most of the day! 

Coat/Jacket - New Look Inspire
Grey Scarf - Gift
Black V-Neck Jumper - H&M BIB (old)
Grey joggy bottoms / Pyjamas - Old 
Trainers - Adidas Adicolor
Sunglasses - Cristian Dior (From El Corte Ingles)

Can you believe I only paid NINE POUNDS for this super cute raincoat-jacket thing at New Look in the January sales in London!? I love it! It's simple, but the colour is absolutely beautiful and it has these very discreet 'frilly' details. - Along the back and around the pocket flap.

The trainers are actually old. I've had them for years, but don't wear them very often. They are adidas adicolor, and I can change the colour of the stripes by putting these things in the stripes by removing the laces. I don't remember ever bothering with that bit, but I'm tempted to throw the red ones in there one of these days... 

I'm not much of a trainers girl, but I think these are cute and very me.  I actually saw a pair of men's trainers in London which I fell in love with, and really want to get when I am next there. I do't have a photo of the exact pair, 
but they are this style

Do you own and/or wear much sportswear? 

Til next time, much luv and hugs,

Rebequita Rose


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