I love it when something I've had my eye on for ages but haven't purchased goes on sale. Somehow it makes shopping that much more exciting! 

Here are the latest items I purchased form ASOS Curve. 

Fingers crossed the sizing will be right! 

That coat was also available in red, but I liked the Oatmeal better. 

Woops! Look like I just bought the very last one! I think I saw this dress on Le Big Beauty's Blog and just fell in love with it, but kept putting off actually buying it. 

I also bought the most adorable skirt which seems to have vanished from the website within the last few minutes, so can't link to a photo here. However, Jessica Dee from Too Many Sequins has this skirt - but in a different colour - Mine is 'peach' as that was the only colour reamining in stock. 
You can see which skirt Im talking about on Jessica's blog by clicking here and here

Until next time, 
Lots of Luv!

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