Up Close and Personal with a PHAT Girl - Jessica Dee from Too Many Sequins

Name: Jessica Dee, 
Age: 25
Languages: English and a tiny bit of French, basically enough to say hello and order some food! 
Location: I live in the Blue Mountains, Australia - which is about 2 hours from Sydney. 
Blog name: Too Many Sequins (toomanysequins.com)

Hello and welcome to “Up Close and Personal with a P.H.A.T Girl! It’s a real homour to have you appear here and I’m sure both out readers will LOVE to read your interview! - So, first things first!
What made you start blogging?
Boredom. And I really needed and outfit for my creativity, blogging was the perfect answer. 
How long have you been blogging?
Almost 2 years!! Just shows how quickly time passes when your having fun! 

What do you like best about blogging?
I love most aspects of blogging, but I like to know that in 15 or 20 years I can look back on it and have all my outfits saved, almost like a diary! I think knowing that one day I'll see that I LIVED in fashion. I know that's like totally random and weird, but still true. 
Which three qualities do you think make a good blogger?
I think the only thing, that could make you a bad blogger is when your don't update your blog  - cause that's like the whole point. Also don't take your outfit photos in the style of self shots in the mirror, i hate those! 

Tell us about a positive experience you have had from your blog.... 
Just one? Working with amazing brands from all around the world. Making some of the best friends I've known. Being picked for the Fashion Front for Full Figured Fashion Week & and obviously my closet has gotten bigger.... and that's like a few!

And now a negative experience you have had as a consequence of your blog. 
Nothing really negative. Maybe a negative comment here or there, but I can't expect everyone to like me :)

Where do you think your body-image confidence comes from?
I don't know if it's body confidence, I mean I know I have flaws and whatever, but I very much have the attitude of take me or leave me. I've been luckily raised to be very strong in who I am, and to know what I want in life - and I think being sure of myself makes me sure of everything else, if that makes sense to anyone?  

Name three parts of your body that you like, and three parts of your body you don’t like so much (and why). 
I love my wrists, legs and face :) I don't really have three that I don't like, except for my feet. I have my fathers feet! :) 

Are there days when you do not “like” being curvy and wish you were skinny? - IF SO, how do you deal with those days?
There used to be, like when I was 15/16 and there were like NO nice clothes around. That used to suck - but now if I am having like a "fat" day - I can just go into my amazing closet and find something cute to wear, so no biggie :) 

Where do you like shopping best and why? 
Online - I know some people prefer being able to touch and feel stuff, but seriously I wouldn't have half the clothing I do have if it wasn't for online shopping! 

Which shops do you hate going into and why?
I hate going into frumpy plus size stores cause I hate the attitude of "this is your body type, your a fruit" or worse still, the whole we can find something to "cover your flaws". Both annoy me greatly and they are just so the opposite of what fashion is! I'm 25 not 100, I am NOT a fruit and I do not need to "cover" anything, thank you very much. End rant. 

Do you think you will still be blogging in ten years time? 
I hope so, In 10 years I'll only be 35 - so I hope my blog has really grown and that it is the main point in my professional life, and hopefully I can do some fun stuff along the way! 

Tell us about the “fat-fashion-rules” you have been breaking, and which have been your favourite so far! 
All of them? I really like mixing and matching prints and bold colours, which is always going to be a favourite to me. I don't like to match, or blend in too much. 

Have you always been a curvette? 
(If not, do you notice a huge difference in how it is to be thin and being curvier?
Always. I can't personally tell you if there is a difference in how you are treated depending on your size, although I suspect there is a huge difference, but I know that when I dressed like a slob I was treated like one, but when I dress amazingly people can't help but treat you with respect. 
How has being plus sized influenced your love-life?
No, my size, shape or curves have never been an issue with the Boyfriends I've had. In high school of course I got picked on about my size, cause that's what happens - bust surprisingly I've had guys I went to high school with apologise for that and then tell me how beautiful they think I've become.  

Tell us about your favourite outfit from your blog so far (and why). 
They are all my favourite, because 5 years ago they are something I thought that I could never wear.

Which do you think is the worst fashion sin ANYONE could make (and why)? 
Socks and sandals. Also girls that wear tiny little denim cut off's and ugg boots, please stop it! And really bad fake tan, you know where someones forgotten to exfoiliate and they have crust orange bits on like their ankles... never a good look. 

Do you find that weight and size influences your friendships? - For example, do you find it easier to “relate to” curvy friends more than thin friends, because maybe you can share clothes with them more than with thinner friends (for example). 
Not at all. I mean most of my friends are bigger, but I have thin friends and I get on with them just as well. I also know that a quite a few thin girls actually read my blog. Which proves that when the topic of style comes up its purely about fashion and not about size. I think it also helps that my closet rivals some of my thinner friend's! 

Have you dabbled in diets? (I know I have! Which I now regret). Please tell us about those experiences, and if you think they have influenced who you are today and how you eat.
Oh God yes! I've dabbled in everything weight loss related! Diets, fasting, miracle medication that makes you thin overnight. And I never changed, not once, not even a little bit. I think they have taught me that my body is the way it is, they way God meant it to be and that not amount of diets will change that. I still work out everyday and try to eat the best foods possible. 
What advice would you give to young girls who are dieting to be thin? 
Don't. I was taught by my English teacher that your at an age where your body is changing, it's naturally getting ready to bare children (even if you never plan on them) and it has a natural process it has to follow, so don't fight it. Be young and let your body happen naturally. And then once your at a certain age if you want to change it, well.. that's up to you. 

If you had a plus-size daughter, would you encourage her to love herself as she is, or would you encourage her to be thin?  
(Do you think your answer to this question has been influenced in any way by the relationship you have/had with your own mother?) 
I wouldn't encourage her to be anything but her self. That would be the same if I had a son. My mother was obsessed with being thin. She herself was anorexic. And growing up there was an enormous amount of pressure from her for me to be thin too. And of course my body was the opposite. But that's all she cared about and if I had not have had my grandmother loving me no matter what, I'm not sure I would be fashion blogging right now. 

What do you think of TV Shows that show super-sized people trying to loose weight? - Do you even get many of those in Australia? 
We have like the biggest loser, and the recent ads for them got me BEYOND MAD. Like they were showing a really cute (and chubby) 23 year old guy who was like "Ive never been kissed, and its because I'm fat" and I was like yelling at the TV come here, and I'll kiss you. Fat does not stop you kissing people, trust me, I know! ..... I obviously find them annoying lol 
Would you like to see the same number of TV shows that depict plus size people in a positive light, as active, happy and productive members of society who are not all walking cardiac arrests waiting to happen!?
Yes - I would, but I seriously doubt that will happen. Fat discrimination is the last accepted form, people think its ok to pick on fat people or tell fat jokes - because the people they are joking about deserve it. And in most cases the person being picked on, thinks it too. 

Where would you like to see yourself and your blog in ten years time? 
In Pairs, or London and just Living and doing what I love, so expect lots of outfit photos!

Ok, now please pick one of the two :)

Red wine or white wine? 
White wine, it doesn't stain.

New York or Paris? 

Autumn or Spring? 

Lace or Sequins? 
Both, but if I had to pick, Lace.

Sweet or Spicy? 
Both :)

Dark or light? 

Flats or heels? 
Flats, my feet are sore!

Lipstick or Lipgloss? 
 Gloss, all the way.

Mascara or fake lashes? 
And that's all for now! Big thanks to Jessica Dee for taking part in this episode of 
Up Close and Personalwith a PHAT Girl! I hope you all really enjoyed that and will be inspired to check out Jessica's blog and try breaking some fashion rules yourself!

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