More Asos Curve... Tsk tsk!

Yes, I know, I've been a naughty girl, but I was in need of some retail therapy. 

The skirt is an item I have had my eye on since forever, and since it's on sale, I decided to go for it. Besides, I need some more longer skirts for work. The pink sweater is for when the temperatures go down again. I absolutely love the colour of it. - Plus, I was taking advantage of the sale price. I think they only had the size 54 left, which will be absolutely HUGE on me, but that's ok. I can wear it as an over-sized sweater, which in my head looks fab, and no, I don't care if that look is no longer "in" next season. The jumpsuit was just irresistibly cute, and at a very low price! How could I not get it?? 

Ok, ok. I confess, I am a weak and naughty, shopaholic. Spank me.

I've actually got my eye on some other Asos items...

But those are going to have to wait for the sales!! 

I am also on the look out for pretty white and cream dresses for when I do my confirmation next year. I saw this on the ASOS website and currently have my eye on it. The only reason I haven't purchased it, is because I don't know what my dress size will be this time next year, as I tend to yo-yo... 

I actually have something called Confirmation Inspiration on Pintrest where I gather ideas for how I would like to look on my confirmation day. I have pretty much every detail in my mind, except the shoes. I have probably missed out the shoe bit because chances are I will just end up in a pair of white ballerina shoes, lol. So typically me! My only fear is that I will end up looking like a bride, but hopefully if I stick to creams and simplicity, that won't be an issue. I am particularly in love with this dress:

It's like a dream, what with all that tulle. *sigh*

Going back to ASOS, my last ASOS Curve order was an absolute disaster! The dresses are far too big and far too long, and I have no idea what to do with them! The colour, and overall quality of the fabric was excellent, so I think I might just get the dresses taken in. Thing is, my school has offered me a summer job, which is great as it means I will work there for at least an extra month! The only problem is, that I don't know if they are going to keep me on for the next acaemic year as well, so I am currently job hunting just to be on the safe side; and I think those dresses would make excellent interview dresses - if only they fit! Also, my landlady has decided to hand my flat over to an estate agent to rent, as she is having problems getting more tenants and is currently unemployed, so I might not have a place to live next month, in which case I would probably just go home to London for the summer. She isn't going to have an easy time finding tenants though, as the house isn't pretty, she doesn't want anyone to change or alter anything either, the area's not particularly central, and she invites herself over without warning whenever she feels like it! Tsk tsk.

I will keep you posted on what happens next!

Are you an ASOS Curve fan?

What items have you pruchased, or would like to purchase, from ASOS Curve?


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