No Fuss Friday

This is my "no fuss friday" look on a hot day in Spain.

It was late when these photos were taken, and I was very tired. I appologize for the crappy hair.

The skirts looks familiar, huh!? It's the one from my London Christmas Haul Post.

This was just a simple summery look which made me feel both cute and comfortable all day. 

T-Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: Lefties
Shoes: Amichi Leather Collection
Handbag: Random shop in Atocha Train Station

I got my first ever negative comment on my blog the other day

I have been blogging for quite a while now, but had never ever recieved any kind of negative feedback. It was always either positive, or silence.

The 'negative' comment was left on my previous OOTD post, Bright Stripes, (here) and it was just plain hilarious. I literally burst into explosive laughter when I read it, because whoever left the comment is obviously somewhat ignorant since they totally didn't get what my blog, (and pretty much every other plus size bloggers blog), is about. 

The comment said - and I quote:

"Stripes look good, but as what most stylists would say vertical ones would fit you. No offence :) *link-to-their-website* on *date* posted by *their-website-name* on Bright Stripes."

First of all, this individual was not only ignorant, but a cheeky coward. 

They chose to hide behind anonimity, and then spam my blog in the process of trying to insult me - apparently with a smile and without meaning any offence. The comment was linked to some random, cheap looking website - which just for the record, could not have been any less fashion related. Therefore, their opinion in general, - but especially their fashion advice, - automatically becomes void. 

Second of all, vertical stripes would "fit" me? 

I think what this very inarticulate individual was trying to say, was that vertical stripes would suit me better than horizontal stripes, (since "stripes" is not a garment, but a print), because in their opinion, I am too fat to wear horizontal stripes. Oh how original.


That top fits me just fine, and the horizontal stripes, suits me just fine as well. 

The way I see it...

I am not a sheep and I will never appologize for it; nor will I stop embracing every part of me that makes me, me. No two people are meant to be exactly the same in any way; not even identical twins.

So why not embrace our individuality? 

Fashion to me these days, in the commercial sense, is nothing more that a social uniform that is dictacted to us under a false mask labelled choice. The fashion industry then dictates these "rules" to us about who can wear what, essentially robbing us of an element of our physical, external freedom. 

It might seem like a relatively trivial thing when one is discussing fashion, 
but being stripped of ones individuality, and being robbed of the freedom of choice in any way, 
is a dangerous game. 

I refuse to have fashion limitations imposed upon me.

 I refuse to conform to what the fashion rules dictates for fat women. 

I refuse to sell out and limit my worth to my physical appearance, dress size or weight. 

I refuse to be second best.

I refuse to be a door matt.

I refuse to have people in my life who are a negative influence, such as users and hypocrits.

I refuse to have my freedom and free-will taken away from me in general.

I refuse to be anyone other than myself.

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. 
Mine is quite packed and I shall update you all in due time.

Much Luv,

Rebequita Rose


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