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Asos Curve Midi Dress in light pink with belt
Asos Curve midi dress in grey with belt
Asos Curve Dress in Tex Mex Print

I was on a clothes shopping ban. Until the temperatures here in Madrid suddenly went up to about a thousand degrees the other day and I discovered that I have no work-friendly summer clothes, so once again, I have turned to my new best friend for a solution. Asos Curve. - From their upto 70% off sale section to be precise. These dresses are great if you ask me, because they have a neckline and hemline that is work friendly (and flattering), and they are a bit of a blank canvas, so can be transformed by simply varying the accessories, and they are great for both work and play. So, I placed my order and then found my order was unsuccessful. *scream*. Yes. It was unsuccesful because there has been a delay in changing my address at my bank, and you can't have a different billing address and mail address with Asos Curve. Great.
That is not the case, whom I recently made a purchase from, as part of exploration of other on-line plus size brands. And I bought this from their sale:

I wanted to incorporate some pale/mint green into my wardrobe, and since I absolutely detest those mint-green jeans that seem to be so in right now, I thought a top or dress would be a great idea instead.  Then my order arrived. I had ordered a size 18, and had worried it might be too small. It turned out to be a perfect fit, except, I wasn't impressed by the quality. The material looked cheap, and the pale colour did nothing but add to the cheapness of it. I wasn't very impressed by the finish either. It sort of reminded me of those typical, very cheap clothes that you find in very random cheap clothes shops - if you know what I mean. One of my first thoughts was, "This is poor mans version of Evans". - If I am not mistaken, Evans, Dorothy Perkins, and are all companies owned by the Arcadia Group, so... Anyway. I like the quality of the clothes in Dorothy Perkins and Evans. I cannot really speak for 369style in general terms, because I might have just been really unlucky with my first purchase. Still, I'm not a rush to shop from them again. I haven't mailed this thing back to them because for the price I paid, the cost of refunding it won't be worth it, and I wouldn't want to give away to anyone I know because I think that would be insulting. I might wear it myself, (Since I bought it with my hard earned money and I am not rich), once I can figure out how to make it look decent. I wouldn't wear this as a dress because I think it's too short, but as a top it's a bit too long to not look frumpy. I thought it looked ok on the webpage. Workable with the right combination of accessories. In real life, I thought it looked like something a much older lady should be found in. But like I said, I will try to find a way to make this one work for me. I love the combination of light green with light pink, but I'm thinking this might work with some fuscia accessories... Hmmm... I will experiment and find out!!

If you have any styling ideas or tips for me on this one, please let me know.

Fingers crossed I will be able to order those ASOS Curve dresses by the end of the week!! I shall keep you posted.

Much luv,
Rebequita Rose

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