It's been about five years since I last coloured my hair after being every hair colour under the sun,

I rediscovered my natural hair colour, 
fell in love with it, 
and swore to never colour it again. 

So far, I have stuck to that promise and never coloured my hair since, or been tempted to colour it either. 

So why was it, that when I came across this image 
today on Alisa Verde's blog, that 

I suddenly have this intense urge to colour my hair mint-green and light purple with a touch of baby pink hints??

It's so not me, but it so is at the same time!

I won't actually be doing this to my hair, but I definitely think it's adorably sweet looking!! And had I come across this prior to five years ago, I think I'd definitely be looking into getting this done!

Fortunately this image was followed by pictures of beautiful strong, long hair which have just reinforced my desire to grow my hair out! - That will mean taking good care my hair which involves not colouring it! LOL

In the meantime, I want to try doing this to my hair - I think my hair is long enough for me to pull this off... At the very least, some kind of variation in it. I used to always braid the front of my hair/head when I was trying to grow it out healthily - aka not applying too much heat to it. These days I feel like I am too old to be sporting braids like this, but maybe if I can figure out a way that I feel works for me, it will be ok... 

What do you guys make this hairspiration? 

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No copyright Infridgement intended. 


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