My Latest ASOS order + Style Inspiration

Hey guys! I hope you are all well. I just quickly wanted to share my latest ASOS Curve order with you guys. It should be here by the 15th! I paid for delivery on this order because I don't want it to be delivered to my current house after I have moved out! I'd rather have not paid delivery, but, considering how reduced the coat was, I figured it was worth the extra cost for the sake of my own peace of mind!

The temperature has really gone up out here in Madrid recently, so I'm not sure I will get that much wear out of it until the end of the year when winter returns. But that's ok. It's a classic girly style which I'm sure I'm get lots of wear out of next winter! 

As for the skirt, I have got this with work in mind. The last two skirts I ordered were longer on me than they were on the model, (I'm 5' 7.5" tall!), so I'm guessing this will be a "decent" length on me to wear work. I don't like the way this skirt was styled on the model, (hence why I have only posted a pic of the skirt), but I have a few ideas in my head for how I can style this skirt for both work and play in a way that is more me.

Shopping aside, I have been feeling a little uninspired today. However, after taking a peak at some of my favourite fashion bloggers latest posts, I suddenly feel all inspired to somehow recreate very similar looks. - I think it's the stress of moving that has my creativity feeling all blocked! 

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I hope you guys like those looks as much as I do :) There are also many bloggers out there who inspire me!

Who are your favourite inspirational style bloggers?


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