Another ASOS Curve bargain

I have been stalking both these items on ASOS Curve's website for ages. I was so very excited today to see that their midi-length animal print dress is reduced price!! So I ordered it! I sized up one size on that one though, as I'm not so sure that I want it to be too fitted. My weight yo-yo's a lot, and I don't want to enhance anything that I'm having "issues" with at the moment.  I've been yo-yoing a lot more than usual lately, probably due to stress; and consequently, I've been noticing changes in certain parts of my body that I'm not particularly happy with, which I think have been caused by my getting bigger and smaller at  very fast pace of late. I'm also a little concerned that it might look a bit slutty on me, (yes, animal print can be slutty looking, and if you have certain physical attributes, the resulting look might be less than classy or elegant), so the less fitted it is, the better. As for the top, I've been wanting something like that since forever, so I decided to just get the dress and the top, and hope it all fits and that the looks I have in mind actually work in practice, hehe. The top is available in light purple and black. I'm not a fan of lilac (or pale purples in general), so I just got the black. I think the black will be more versatile anyway!

My last order from ASOS Curve arrived a day late, (should I be demanding a refund on the speedy-postage cost?), but the sizing was spot on. The coat doesn't look as good on me as it does on the model on the website, but it doesn't look bad either. Or maybe it's the fact that I tried it on my pyjamas?

As for everything else, I have finally moved house! I am renting another room instead of a whole flat, but so far, so good. My new room is twice the size of my old room, and there is only one other girl living here (for now) who seems lovely. She pops her head round my bedroom door to say hello and chat which is nice. The first night, when I had just moved in she commented on how warm and welcoming it was in my bedroom, and how lovely my room looks, and how much she regretted not bringing printed to photos to put up in her room. She is studying almost the same degree I studied, and seems to be pretty easy going and has a sense of humour (which is never a bad thing). She is swedish (half danish actually, which I think is pretty interesting), but her spanish is pretty good, and she speaks english which is a blessing, as every now and again there will be a word in spanish that she won't know, so I can translate without too much hassle, lol. So so far, everything is looking pretty good. And to think I almost didn't take this room because I hated the wall paper so much!! I asked the landlady if I could change the walls, and she made it very clear that she doesn't want anyone ever touching these walls. She explained that the wallpaper was - I think - from Paris, and how it was impossible to find this wallpaper ever again (I shall upload a photo soon). 
So no touching the wallpaper!!!
Still though, I got the room with the lightest colour wallpaper so it wouldn't feel so dark and claustrophobic, and after moving my things in, the wallpaper really isn't that noticeable. I can't even begin to explain how relieved I am to have moved house!! Like I said, my new room is twice the size of my old one so everything feels much more spacious. We have a cleaning lady who comes once a week to clean the communal spaces - and that's included in the rent. The living room is huge, and as I am on an eleventh floor, the views are spectacular!! I can see the other end of Madrid from my bedroom window and the balcony, which at night feels like a slice of magic. The landlady also seems lovely as well. Can you believe I have moved in and I haven't even had to pay rent or a deposit yet? Seriously, who is that laid back about money these days? Especially in a crisis! I hope this place continues to be as good as it seems!

So how are you? 



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