Peter Pan Collar & Pleats

Hey Everyone! How are you?

Yesturday's outfit sort of came together by accident. 

The Peter Pan Collar blouse, is something I bought months ago, after many, many months of really wanting something with a Peter Pan collar in my closet. It was one of those trends that I loved, and when I randomly came across this blouse after months of searching, it was instantly one of things that I loved upon first sight, and, I initially thought I'd get tons of wear out of it. However, after I had bought it, and tried it on with various different things at home, I couldn't help thinking I looked like a was wearing waitress uniform, no matter what I paired it with! Haha!

The original outfit plan for yesterday, was to wear this Peter Pan Collar Blouse with my blue Asos Curve skirt, only as I said before, I have been loosing a lot of weight recently, and the skirt currently slunches over my hips, loosely, making it a really funny length. I wasn't sure I liked the outcome of that union, so I switched to this skirt - which is another piece I had been itching to share with you guys! 

Just like I was into the Peter Pan Collar trend, I was also into the pleated skirt trend. So when I came across this skirt in a size 20 at Primark, I couldn't not get it. Although to be honest, I did later regret getting it simply because... and this might sound terrible... but... it looks really cheap. Now, I'm not some high end designer label obsessed person, but there is a minimum standard that skirt doesn't reach, which has put me off wearing this skirt on more than one occasion. But, it provided the splash of colour that I think the Peter Pan collar needs in order to not look so waitressy...

I must apologise for my lack of smiles in this post. I'm just not in a good place what with all this housing madness. It's already March today and I haven't found anything. I've been okayed to stay where I am for another two weeks, but it's so far removed from what I wanted to do, that I feel as though I have failed somehow. As it's too late for me to find a whole apartment, I need to be less picky and try to find a room instead, which sounds much easier that it is. One of the places I saw yesterday was in an older woman's house. Over the phone she sounded adorable. Really sweet and thoughtful. Then we got to her house (a friend and I), and that first positive "over-the-phone" impression was instantly ripped apart when we go to her house and met her. The house was really crammed, and she rented the room but did not allow you to make use of any other area of the house. - Like she expected you to eat in your room and did not allow you to eat in her living room because it was her space... She literally said that to us. "The living room is out of bounds to whoever rents the room, because this is my space. But nobody will bother you in your room, because that would be your space." I could just tell that living there would have been drama, so it was a major no-no for me. It's so hard to not stress about all of this... 

Going back to the outfit, I am loving the combo of green and Pink... I actually love colour blocking, but don't do it enough.

* * *

Peter Pan Collar blouse - Festa
Pleated Midi Skirt - Primark
Belt - Lefties
Tights - H&M
Glittery flat pumps - Ardene

* * *

I've also been a naughty girl and straightened my hair yesterday morning. I guess old habits that make us feel good die hard. I just thank God that I am surrounded by people who love me and raise and my spirits on a daily basis.

Hopefully when I post again I will have some good news for you guys on the housing front!

Hope you all have a fab Thursday!

Much luv,

Bex xox

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