A Late Valentine Look


This is pretty much what I wore on Valentine's Day. 

I say 'pretty much', because there was no-one around during the daytime on Valentine's Day who could take photos of my outfit for me. So I repeated the look again yesterday, (when I knew for a fact that I would have some around to photograph me), so I could blog about it for you. It's not 100% exactly the same outfit, simply because I absolutely detest repeating outfits. In fact, I almost never, ever, ever, wear the exact same combination of clothes more than once.  So this is mostly, the exact same outfit, except for the scarf and the belt. 

Yes, I know. I have issues.

Just switching the scarf and belt may not seem like something that would make a major difference; but, if there was at least some element of variety in the accessories, then it was easier for me to repeat the same combination of clothes, without feeling absolutely horrid about it. 

Just for the record, this is not something I am proud of. In fact, 
its something I hate about myself
I don't know anyone else that feels the way I do about wearing an outfit more than once. Recently both my work colleagues and students have commented (though not in a bad way), on the fact that they have never seen me repeat an outfit. Ever. I honestly didn't think anyone noticed how varied my outfits are! At least they are nice about it, and not criticising or judging me negatively for it. Instead, I often get complimented at work for how I dress and for being so imaginative. Apparently I add "glamour" to everything in general, not just my dress sense...

Anyway; without getting side-tracked here, I have recently gotten to thinking about why I can't repeat outfits. In my head, I know it's ridiculous of me, but when it comes to my getting dressed to go out, - regardless of where I am going or who I am going to meet, - I simply cannot bring myself to wear the exact same combination of clothes and accessories more than once. It makes no difference if I am going somewhere where nobody has seen me wearing those clothes before. 

Don't get me wrong. I am not some spoilt bimbo who is unaware of the world around her. In fact, I am quite the contrary; far from having been spoilt and far from being a bimbo. I know perfectly well that this issue of mine is not a common thing in the world. I am your average city girl, not a village girl who will be subject to nasty gossip for repeating clothes, or a member of any royal family, or a celebrity. I am an ordinary girl with a pretty ordinary life. Like you, I am the product of my environment and my childhood, - a time when my weight was a big issue - which leads me to some theories about why I have this issue with repeating outfits today, and I know I am not alone in my experiences, even if I might be alone in my "consecuence". 

But I am not in the mood to discuss the negatives of my life experience as a voluptuous girl. So let's just say, for now, that I haven't always been the body-confident person I am today, with the irony being that I am probably at my biggest than I ever have been before.

Going back to the outfit, you might recognise this jumper from my London Christmas Haul. I got in the sales from New Look. It is one of my cutest pieces right now *smiles*
I had been wanting to try the jumper tucked into skirt thing for AGES!! I wasn't sure it would work on my body type, but I think it came out ok.
I added the skinny belt to "complete" the look, as it seemed to be missing something without it.

Red and black hearts scarf - Misako
Black and "Gold" hearts Jumper - New Look
Skirt - H&M
Black mesh under-skirt - DIY
Black Tights - H&M
Glittery black ballet pumps - Ardene
Red patent clutch - Accessorize

All in all, I was very happy with this outfit. I felt very me, very confident and very girly :) 

What did you wear for Valentines Day?


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