Fracaso Friday

I very nearly didn't post this, as the photos do not do the outfit any justice, and for some reason neither my "photographer-friend" (aka a co-worker-friend), nor I, were doing a good job of posing and/or photographing, even though we did have lots of fun taking them. We couldn't stop laughing at ourselves! 

Since, - as I mentioned in my last post, - I never wear an exact outfit twice, it seemed a waste to have bothered to take the photos, only to not post any of them; so here I am. Posting them. After all, it's only my little, teeny weeny, personal fashion/style blog, not vogue, so does it really matter if the photos aren't 100% to my liking? 

This dress is one of the newest additions to my closet. It's a size 46 (US16) from H&M. It's a generous fit though, so you could fit into it if you are a few sizes bigger, provided you don't have a very full bust. I had to keep my eye on the buttons all day, so should safety pin the front from the inside next time I wear it. 
I can't imagine myself ever wearing this without another top underneath it, as it very sheer and I'm not one to flaunt my bra to world. The first time I wore this dress I wore a plain cream top, and a scarf because it was a bit too low cut. Yesturday I decided to wear my cream front bow tie which I've had for months and had been itching to show you guys! (Its also in a size 46 from H&M).
I loved how "girly" and classic it looked when I threw it on, but then... I don't know. I caught my reflection at some point during the day and didn't like how I thought it looked almost "almost child-like". 
The handbag is also new - though it doesn't match the rest of my outfit. I got it from Blanco a few days ago. I loved it as soon as I laid eyes on it, but as I am constantly trying to control my money-spending ways, I decided to be sensible. That means, put it on hold overnight and if I still like it the next day, then purchase it. Of course, as you have probably figured already, I went back the next day and I still loved it, so it came home with me. My only "complaint" about this handbag is that it rolls off the shoulder very easily, but the strap is long enough to wear it across the torso, so all is good. 

I wish  could say the same about my house hunt. I went to see a few more flats after the perfect flat was out of my reach, and then I came across another flat which was almost perfect, and I decided to ok it. Only the woman at the Estate Agent turned out to be a legitimate looney. I won't go into specifics, but basically, she didn't keep her word about contacting me, and then flipped all of a sudden and sent me some abusive and offensive text messages. She started out the very original and predictable "fat-hate abuse" via text messaging, before moving on to threats in her subsequent text messages. So, I no longer have a flat to move into. My boss suggested I could rent a room at her cousin's mother-in-law's place. I went yesterday, but the room was soooooooo tiny! It's a shame because the house was really homely, impeccably clean, and the lady herself seemed so lovely. She was so lovely in fact, that my visit to her house lasted for four hours and we didn't stop talking and laughing the whole time. I'm feeling a bit "scared", as I gave notice at my current place that I would leave by 1st March, and when my current "landlady" realised a few days ago that I hadn't found anywhere to go, she told me not to worry; that I can stay where I am as long as I need to. Only I don't want to stay here much longer, for many, many reasons. I guess it's nice of her to offer though. But even if she hadn't, I am surrounded by people who are very loving, compassionate and understanding, so either way, I know I will have a place to rest my head and a few shoulders to cry on if push came to shuv. It's just a bit... frustrating(?)... that I haven't found a decent place for myself yet.

And that my lovelies, is all from me. 

I hope you guys are having a better time with things I am!

Much luv'




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