As soon as I saw this on the ASOS Curve website just now, I feel in love and thought it'd be a fabulous addition to my ever growing closet! 

Only to discover it's out of stock in both a size 20 and a 22. 

I'm wondering when this was put up on the website, and how did I miss it? 

Also on my Wish List... 

Here's to hoping these won't go out of stock before I get a chance to place my order!!

On a different note, I can't remember if I updated you guys or not, but my faux fur coat from ASOS arrived on monday. I ordered a size 50, which is a UK 22, and it's a perfect fit! My only complaint is that it looks rather dressy, no matter what you pair it with. It's a lot puffier than I expected it to be, but overall, I think it is so much nicer in real life that in the photos on the website. The photos on the website really don't do it any justice. 

Everyone yesterday and today has commented on how much they like it, and anyone who has touched it can't take the hands off it. Seriously! Like people will tap me on the arm and suddenly their arm stays put, and next thing I know, they are stroking my arm, wide eyed, commenting on how soft it is. I think it's hilarious!

But most importantly, it's really warm! 
I now feel really ready to face the ever getting colder winter ahead of us!! 

So what's on your wish list at the moment? 

Do you guys know what you'll be doing for christmas already?

I'm going home to London for a few days and I can't wait!
I'm really excited to see all my old friends and just be home for a bit. I love Madrid, but London will always be my true, number one home.

Where is home to you?


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