My First Time (Asos Post)

I have never bought anything from ASOS before.

I have browsed throughout their website many a time, and even drooled over things, but I have never taken the bull by the horns and actually purchased anything from them.

It's partly based on my preference of walking into a shop and being able to see, feel and try on the items that catch my eye in reality, instead of browsing through photos which might be misleading and then being disappointed by them upon their arrival! It's also partly based on the rumours I've heard about ASOS sizing being off. Things being too big or too small. However, I have heard so much about how great the quality of their clothes are, (and frankly, I'm getting really bored with the options I have available in the shops I have access to here in Madrid), that I decided to give ASOS a chance and see how it goes. The fact there is ASOS ESPAÑA has been born and offers free delivery made my decision even easier! lol. So, I made a few purchases yesturday. What do you think of the items I chose?

ASOS CURVE Midi Skirt In Brocade
Falda semilarga de punto brocado de ASOS Curve

If you follow me on twitter, or are on my Facebook, you will know that I just started a new job, and there is a rather strict dress code, which includes no skirt or dress above the knee; and since most of my skirts are too short to adhere to that dress code rule, I've been 'living in' the same few pairs of trousers I own in rotation. But I miss wearing a skirt most of the time, so I decided to get this one. Jessica Dea from the blog Too Many Sequins - A Fatshion Blog, wrote a great review about this skirt. Confirming how soft it is, and how well it fits on the waist despite not being elasticated. So fingers crossed, I will be just as happy with this skirt as she is!

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Belted Full Skirt Mac
Gabardina de corte amplio con cinturón exclusivo de ASOS CURVE

I also purchased a pair of olive coloured, wide leg trousers, exclusive to ASOS from their sale section, but I can't upload a photo here as the trousers seem to have vanished from the ASOS website. Perhaps I purchased the very last pair? 

Everything I ordered I ordered in a size 22. If the clothes are a bit big, I can live with that and work around it. If they are too small, they are going back. Hopefully, they will be fine though! 

And below are the other items I loved, but decided not to get! 

ASOS Curve Exclusive Lace Dress With Mesh Skirt
Vestido de encaje con falda de malla en exclusiva en ASOS Curve

Although I love this dress, and it's very me, it's not going to be worth purchasing. It's not very versatile to me, and it's not something I'd be able to get much wear out of. I also can't put my finger on what it is that I don't quite like about this dress at the same time as loving it, but I think it might be the length and were the "skirt" bit starts from. I think it'd be great on a girl with a tiny, accentuated waist! However, I'm not that girl, so I decided to say no to this dress, although it broke my heart... 

See, it's moments like this when not being able to just walk into a shop, pick something up off of the rail, and then just try it on, becomes somewhat frustrating! 

Do ever feel like that when shopping on-line?

Pieces Herdis Leather Travel Bag
Bolsa de viaje de cuero Herdis de Pieces

At almost 250 euros (and almost 200 pounds), it's somewhat outside of my budget. I still love this bag though, and I will be stalking it to see if it goes on sale at any point. 

ASOS Premium Leather GEORGIA Satchel
Satchel de cuero de primera calidad GEORGIA de ASOS

I thought this bag - or satchell, rather - would make a perfect everyday bag for work, as I carry a lot of paperwork around with me all the time. However, I am trying to budget myself these days, so I stayed strong and removed it from my shopping basket. It is on sale though, so I will stalk it and see if the price goes down further. To be honest, I love the travel bag more, but I'd be happy to have either as long as it doesn't break the bank balance! lol 

So have you bought anything from ASOS, ever? 

What was your experience with them like? 


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