El Baul del Botero


After recently becoming somewhat frustrated with the fairly limited fashion options currently available to plus size women in Madrid - at least in the shops I am familiar with - I was thrilled to discover 

Paseo Extremadura,1, 
MADRID, spain
TLF: 915268555

El Baul del Botero is a wonderful little shop with a myriad of 
fashion choices exclusively for the fuller figured stylish woman. 
It is also an authorised Biluzik and Kanak retailer.

Seriously, if you are ever in Madrid and in need of new plus size clothes, then this little slice of plus size fashion heaven is definitely worth checking out! - It's not a cheap store, but the well fitting clothes are worth the extra pennies! - Now, I know what I am going to say next might sound really daft, but walking into a shop where the clothes actually fit and are not at all frumpy, was such a magical experince. It was just so refreshing to discover a shop where the girl behind the counter isn't judging you for being anything over a size small/medium. - And where clothes shopping is truly a playful, fun and easy experience, instead of resembling a detective hunt for something that can work for you!

Not only that, but 
I finally found a pair of white boots that fit 
and do not have a high heel! 
Yes, I know, white boots are meant to be a major fashion faux pas. - Something totally inelegant and even considered to be slutty! Well, I'm no hood rat or slut, and if someone wants to mis-judge me because of the colour of my boots, that's their problem, not mine. 

Live wisely, smile, be true to your hearts desires and where whatever you want! - Remember that confidence is beautiful!


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