Hey everyone! How are you? Hope everyone is well :) 

I'm currently swamped under with work and still have no working camera, so the OOTD posts simply haven't been happening for some time now. 

It's really annoying when I really want to share an outfit with you guys, but, things are what they are, so... 

But I am still around and will post as much as I can, hopefully getting back to OOTD posts once the camera situation gets sorted.


As for my ASOS order 
which I told you about in my previous post...


Everything turned out to be huge on me, - except the size 48 Olive coloured wide leg trousers, - but those gave me seriously bad camel toe!! I want a refund on those, and the midi skirt two sizes smaller. The skirt literally floated around me, it was that big. It was a bit disheartening for me, but I was thankful to have found a place that sells genuinely plus-sized clothes, that are both stylish and great quality!

I did however keep the mac as it's always good to know I can really layer it up when it gets majorly cold. The sleeves and shoulders are a perfect fit which is fantastic, even if everywhere else it's huge on me, lol.

I have since ordered this ASOS Curve exclusive faux fur coat:

I love the simplicity of it and can think of many ways to style it, including a few DIY details.

I paid 99.14 euros for it, thinking I was getting a bargain as it was originally 127.78 euros. 
It is now down to 80 something, so if you like it too... 

I made sure I ordered one size down on this one. Hopefully it will be a good fit. 
I'm also hoping that the fur will be soft and smooth to the touch. 
I'm funny (and picky) when it comes to fur. It's something I used to really dislike, and so I own very very little of the stuff. I'm liking it more these days though, and consequently more of it is entering my closet now too. - All faux fur, of course!! 
I'm anti-real fur because of the suffering the animals experience;  although aesthetically speaking, let's be honest. Love or hate fur, you can't really beat the luxurious softness of real fur. Still, for me, the suffering the animal has to endure in order for us to be able to wear real fur simply isn't worth it. 

You can find out more about the cruelty behind real fur garments in this video entitled:

(Although apparently, not all faux fur is animal free: Click here to find out more). 

So how do you feel about real fur vs fake fur? 
Or just fur in general...

Will you be wearing much fur this winter?

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