Threading Hair Away

I had heard about threading before, and had always been curious to try it until yesterday, when I gave threading a go at Con Hilo Depilo and I loved it. 

Big cheesy smile!

I'm very happy with the shape and the precision. It didn't really hurt, and it was all over in a flash. 

I think I am going to stick to threading now!

Normally I would either pluck at home, or go to a salon to get them waxed; but I was never as happy with the results as I am this time around though. 

BTW, I still don't have a decent working camera. I took these with PhotoBooth. That's also a part of why I haven't been updating much lately. Hopefully I will have this sorted out soon! 

I got a lot of positive feedback on my video in my last post, so I might make more. Who knows! 

Please don't forget that the give away I am hosting is still open.

All you have to do is leave your e-mail address as a comment on that post, and I will pick a random winner via Random.Org



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